4 Reasons Danny Phantom Should Be Rewatched Again And Again
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4 Reasons Danny Phantom Should Be Rewatched Again And Again

"He's here to fight for me and you!"

4 Reasons Danny Phantom Should Be Rewatched Again And Again

There were several shows from my childhood that I loved and watched over and over and most of those shows are still mentioned semi-regularly today. However, one of the shows that I loved that hasn’t gotten as much attention is "Danny Phantom." In fact, I have friends who haven’t even heard of the show (the tragedy!). So, here are just a few of the many reasons '"Danny Phantom" is worth watching over and over again.

1. The theme song

I know a lot of shows get praised for their catchy theme songs that get remembered years after you stop watching the show (Out of the Box anyone?) but the one from "Danny Phantom" has to be mentioned. It has the perfect amount of exposition and explanation while also being so catchy. Beware if you listen because it will stay stuck in your head for longer than you’d like

2. His parents

Danny may be the main character, but the show would not be the same without his parents. They are extremely smart scientists and certified ghost hunters yet, to quote my sister, “are dumb as rocks cause they can’t even tell that their own son is a ghost.” This leads to increasingly ridiculous and also hilarious comments and actions that you really have to see to believe.

3. The jokes and insults

The jokes and insults range from savage to face-palmingly funny, but throughout it all, they sure as heck keep you entertained. Even though the show is several years old by now, I still find the jokes funny and the insults crushing. Honestly, I’d love to have Sam’s quick wit even now.

4. Did I mention he's part ghost?!

In a world full of superheroes and kick butt fighters, is there still room for a character like Danny Phantom to be loved? Definitely. He may do similar things to those other action stars, but there aren’t many characters that become ghosts! It is still easy to relate to Danny and, once again, he is part ghost. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Bonus: "Danny Phantom" is on Hulu, so drop whatever you’re doing and head there to watch all the seasons!

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