This past year, I decided to start commuting to school. Yes, I willingly made the decision to not live on campus. And while it was heartbreaking, it has been one of the biggest blessings. Why? Well here are five reasons why commuting is great

1. You can do whatever you want to do

Every day when I get into the car, my opportunities are endless. I can control the air conditioner and the music, pretty much everything. I can make the car ride as comfortable as I can even if it is for 20-30 minutes. One of the great things about commuting alone is that I do not have to worry about anyone else. Since I am typically in the car with other people, I love driving alone because I can be as loud or quiet as I want/need to be in the moment.

2. Me time

Usually, I take this time to be by myself. Obviously, if I'm the only one in the car, I'm going to be alone. But when the day gets crazy and I don't want to deal with anyone anymore, I love getting to my car. It is the best feeling to just be able to be alone after a long day. It's like a mini break.

3. Creative Thinking

For some reasons, whenever I'm in the car the best ideas come up. Usually, this happens because our brain isn't focused on getting things done or on generating ideas. And if I don't reach over to make a note and I forget about it later. But I recently, thanks to a friend, learned about making voice memos on my phone while I drive. So now I will always be able to take down all of my notes and remember them for later.

4. Time for Catching up

I love making calls while I'm driving. I do this usually to stay awake or even to rant/ get things off of my mind. And especially because I drive alone, I can honestly say what ever it is that I want to say. Which means I have no filter. And it's great. By the time I get to my destination, I feel calmer and happier.

Even though I have to drive to get to class and parking sucks, I love commuting because it is a brief time for me to get my thoughts in order. Maybe this is the push you need to commute. Do what's best for you and make the most of your time.