Dungeons and Dragons, more informally called Dnd, has a bad rep for years. Recently though, I've seen more and more new people try it or ask questions about it. Me being a Dungeon Master or DM, I thought I'd talk about why people should at least give DnD a chance. So here it is, 4 reasons to try DnD at least once.

1. DnD helps with improv skills

People who play DnD know that you slowly get better at improv over time. People think that unless they are a theater major improv is not very useful. On the contrary. Being able to think and react quickly to a situation or scenario can be really helpful. Improv classes cost money but the stuff to play Dnd is free. So even if you aren't a theater major I'd say try DnD to help get better at improv

2. DnD lets you walk a mile in someone else's shoes

Now I know that we won't get to actually be a tiefling wizard but that's not what I mean. The stories that DnD can create might be new for someone. A halfling mother who has to steal for her kids is not something we want to deal with but you might have to face that in DnD. Or say a character just lost his wife and child, how would you try to comfort him? This game has the capacity to throw you into moments you never thought you'd be in and forces you to make a choice. That is a powerful and valuable thing.

3. DnD helps you with teamwork.

Working together in DnD is essential. You may not like the elven rogue that keeps trying to steal everything she sees but you still have to work with her. DnD can help you deal with people you might not necessarily like but whom you're stuck with for reasons beyond your control *cough cough* group projects *cough cough*. DnD can also help you think about situations from a team focus. While it might still work if you want to take your Greataxe of Awesome and introduce it to the local bandit population Babe Ruth style, but it won't be as efficient. Probably ought to let the rogue get a sneak attack and let the mage set a bunch of the baddies on fire before you go charging in. Teamwork is essential both in DnD and those *cough cough* group projects *cough cough*

4. DnD encourages creativity

Creating characters is a fun and memorable process. DnD has a wealth of options and guides to help new players make characters that are both powerful and memorable. However, if you want to let your creative juices flow then you can design against what the guides say or do whatever you want, within reason of course. The system allows for so much and what the base system doesn't account for, the community has likely come up with something for what you're wanting.

All in all, DnD has lived most of its life with this revulsion surrounding it. I feel that it is undeserved and hides the true benefits of DnD. So if you are given a chance to try DnD, I'd say try it. Good luck and roll for Initiative.