Since I started commuting to college last summer, I searched for ways to make the trip to school and back home again more enjoyable. Something that I found to be so much fun is listening to podcasts. The best way to describe podcasts is to relate them to a radio talk show/ conversation you are observing.

I personally love hearing the conversations that the radio hosts have on air, but those are never longer than 5 minutes before they start playing songs again. What's so great about a podcast is the fact that there are a good length of time and its like being part of a conversation -- with no response of course.

And I feel like most college students are wondering why in the world they should listen to podcasts since it sounds like it's for adults. Because why on Earth would you want to listen to a podcast about "boring" topics while you drive, clean, or walk around campus? But in reality there are TONS of podcasts out there that may just cater to what you are looking for exactly. And they are not all that boring as long as you are listening to something that interests you.

So here are my 5 podcasts that I think every college student should try.

1. The Minimalists Podcast

Now this seems like a super niche podcast for people because everyone likes there stuff and there is no way that they would want to get rid of it. Right? And that's because when people think of minimalism, it's usually the extreme end of it like the Japanese minimalist. But it's not, and as The Minimalists will repeat, minimalism looks different for everyone. I recommend this for college students because I know I used to always go out and spend my money. I bought things I didn't like, were cheap and were just not me all the time, claiming that I "needed" this stuff to be happy. And that has changed since watching their documentary. Give it a try, the worse it could do is change your life.

2. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

I recently found this podcast and have been loving it! This one is definitely geared towards millennials, as the host is a millennial herself. But what is so great about her podcasts is that she is so genuine and honest about everything that she talks about in the podcast. And typically, her podcasts are topics to benefit the person listening to the podcast. If reaching your goals with a positive mindset is your goal, then I recommend Aileen's podcast.

3. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

This podcast is really great because it's quick and to the point. I know there are times where I can't always listen to an hour long podcast and this is a happy medium. It's jam packed with great advice, motivation and inspiration to do the things you set out to do. It's also a great refresher for morals or values that you have in your life. I know one of the podcasts was about standards and it had me thinking about my own standards. It's a great tool to use to reflect on yourself.

4. Optimal Living Daily

What I like about these podcasts is the brevity and the content. They are usually about twenty minutes max, and it's just essays that are read. What I like about this is that the content changes daily, the author or essay is never the same. And they never dissect the essay after reading it which is nice because it lets the listener develop their own opinion. And there are other versions of this podcast that pertain to health, finance, etc.

These are just four of the podcasts that I listen to and are not the end-all-be-all of podcasts. Sometimes as a college student we need to take time to just listen to others talk in order to get something good out of a conversation. Happy listening!