Having the opportunity to work from home is the dream that many people in corporate America often wish for. It is because they believe that having the opportunity to work from insinuates that your company has trust and faith in you to work hard either in the office or out. Because working from home can be such a blessing and a curse at the same time, many individuals find a hard time focusing when working from their homes. Suddenly, many coffee shops and co working spaces have been the primary spot for remote workers simply because you have the opportunity to still work where you want but you also have the chance to be around people.

While working from the coffee and co working space is great, everyone seems to do that these days which makes many of these places feel overcrowded due to the loudness of voices and constant traffic coming in and out making it even harder to concentrate.

So what do you do as a freelancer or virtual worker when you just don't want to to work from home?

Find somewhere else to go. There are still lots of places where work from home employees can go in order to be more productive. Below are just a few of those places:

Hotel Lobbies:

Hotel lobbies are a great place for you to go especially when you want to get a lot of work done outside of your home office. Occasionally, during the week there isn’t much traffic and it can be a perfect place for you to get a few people watching while also being able to conduct business uninterrupted.

If you feel as if coming into a hotel lobby makes you look or feel like a freeloader go to the hotel restaurant and order a drink or some food. Consider it as practically the same amount of money you will pay if you go to the coffee bar.

If you plan on working out of hotel lobbies quite frequently, make sure you don’t frequent the same hotel every single day because the staff will catch on.

Co-Working Spaces:

Co working spaces are a great place for you to work remotely and also a great place for you to connect with other entrepreneurs. There are a plethora of co working spaces specifically in Bishop Ranch that offers a plethora of services all in one space making a remote employee feel they are in a true work environment without the constraints of a typical 9-5 work environment.


The library is another amazing place for you to work from remotely. One of the downfalls of a library, however, is that it may be too quiet for those of you who are looking for constant noise or even constant traffic. If you are not that interested in being in a place that is extremely quiet and has a lot of rules the library may or may not be for you. In fact, a library is a great place for you as well if you need resources as you work such as books, research journals and more. Consider it a win, win especially if you are an entrepreneur.


The mall is another great place for you to work virtually. It is a great mix of people coming in and out and depending on when you visit the mall you may get times of complete silence. If you really want to make sure that you can get a lot of work done then you will want to consider working at the mall during the morning hours where there is really not much traffic to disrupt the flow of your day.