4 Canceled TV Shows That Deserve A Second Chance

4 Canceled TV Shows That Deserve A Second Chance

Gone, but never forgotten.

I have a bone to pick with TV shows that get canceled. Canceled shows are — in a way — like being led on by a guy.

First, they reel you in with a nice pilot episode. Then, they sweet talk ya. They give you these characters with depth, they make you feel for them — and then BAM! They cancel the show because “they’re too busy,” or in this case “the ratings aren’t good enough.”

Point being: I’m sick of my favorite shows getting canceled. So, here’s a list of four of my personal favorites that I think deserve a second chance.

1. "Jane By Design"

If you were a fan of Hannah Montana growing up, you probably would’ve liked this show, too.

This old ABC Family (now known as Freeform) TV show followed the life of Jane Quimby, a teenager who gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime — working for the world-famous designer, Gray Chandler Murray.

There's only one problem... She only got the job because they thought she was an adult — not a high school student. Soon, Jane finds herself living two secret lives: one as a high school student, and another in high fashion.

2012 me was obsessed with this show! I'd kill to see another episode — or just to rewatch the first season again. I kind of forgot what happened; I just know I loved this show.

2. "Chasing Life"

Yet another great Freeform show canceled.

Aspiring journalist April Carver tried her best at her job at the Boston newspaper. She was always on her feet, constantly trying to impress her demanding editor. And just as things started to look up for her — work, home, and romance-wise — she finds out from her estranged uncle that she has leukemia.

Now if that doesn’t hook you like it hooked me, I don’t know what will.

3. "No Tomorrow"

Before the free-spirited Xavier Holliday came into Evie Covington’s life, she was a bored, middle-manager at a supply warehouse who rarely went out of her comfort zone. Hooked by his charm and dashing good looks, she goes along with his apocalyptic theory that “the world was ending,” and embarks on a bucket list of things to do before it does — which, according to him, was in eight months and twelve days.

Crazy, huh? I’ve never been so thankful to have accidentally found a show in my life, though.

(P.S. shout out to my fellow Washingtonians, 'cause this one is based in Seattle!)

4. "Girlboss"

Looking for a badass female protagonist who shows the world she's her own boss? This is the Netflix original for you.

Sophia Amoruso is both rebellious and broke — two things that tend to land her in a lot of trouble. After a breakthrough in the form of a vintage jacket she found at a thrift store and flipped for a shit ton of money on eBay, Sophia decides to build her own retail fashion empire. As her business continues to grow, she soon learns that being her own boss isn’t all it's cracked up to be.

Consider this article a little tribute to all the canceled TV shows that ended way too soon. Gone, but never forgotten — at least not by me. You all deserve a second chance.

Cover Image Credit: Expect Best

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Warcraft 3: Reforged - A legend returns

One of the top 100 games of the century makes a comeback in an epic way.


17 years ago, the legion invaded the realm of Azeroth, forcing the different races of Humans, Orcs, Night elves, and Undead to make the most unlikely of alliances. There were those who fought for the light while the others wished to banish it. Night and day, the furnaces of Lordaeron burnt bright as the loyal dwarves of Khaz Modan hammer away the swords and shields that would aid the fight ahead.

17 years ago, the young orc warchief Thrall foresaw the fate of his people as meteors of green flames crash upon his lands. He saw the upcoming demise of his clanand ordered a mass evacuation towards a new continent where they shall be safe for generations to come. 17 years ago, the night elves felt a corruption within the Tree of Life, causing them to split into opposing factions: one fought in the name of the Goddess, while the other fought in the name of personal hatred. 17 years ago, a legion of undead came upon the shores of Lordaeron, plaguing the land and defiling the life force of the realm. That was the story of Warcraft, one that spanned continents and races only to join them together for a crucial battle of their history.

Warcraft 3: Reforged - Cinematic Trailer Youtube

Warcraft was a monument to an entire gaming generation, ranked 2nd best game of all time by German games magazine "GameStar." Its fate, however, was ultimately sealed as computing technology became better and overshadowed the old giant. Plus, with the rise of gaming consoles and handheld gaming devices, PC gaming lost its appeal slowly, and games like Starcraft or Warcraft eventually faded into oblivion.

But over on the horizon, Blizzard Entertainment came to the rescue. Following the success of their previous release of Starcraft: Remastered, they decided to come forth with their next great project: remastering Warcraft 3.

Using a new and revamped engine built over the foundations of the old one, they have rebuilt the world we once loved. Adding to that are new, high definition voices and sound effects that they recorded just for this old game. For the blurry characters of old, the team decided to upscale and remodel all present units to give them the 2019 high-def treatment they deserved. For the old user interface (UI), the development team settled on one that resembled the "Starcraft: Remastered" interface, offering more room for players to look at the gorgeous 4K character models. Also, to fit the new continuity from World of Warcraft, Blizzard opted to alter the story by a small margin, showing promising changes to the revived game.

Warcraft 3 – Original vs. Reforged Trailer Graphics Comparison Youtube

However, not everyone was hyped when the game was announced. Many gamers expressed disappointment at Blizzard's move of remastering old games instead of developing new ones. Many, feeling uncomfortable at the company's decision, took to the internet and into forums. Some fans expressed concerns over Blizzard's decision to retcon a game they hold dear Some are unhappy with the graphics not being consistent with characters: unit models look too detailed while buildings look cartoonish.

Despite all this, the general population loved the announcement at Blizzcon. As the game slowly reaches its release date of December 31, 2019, the hype can only go up from here. For those of us who can't hold their excitement, here's a video of the crowd's insane reaction to the announcement:

Warcraft 3 Crowd Reaction Youtube

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