39 Incredible Ways To Procrastinate
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Student Life

39 Incredible Ways To Procrastinate

What else do you have to do right now? I know you're avoiding your work.

39 Incredible Ways To Procrastinate

The dreaded fina... okay I'm not even going to say the words because we all despise it so much. Everyone is telling you to focus and work hard. I'm here to lighten the mood. I'm going to give you a list of things to do INSTEAD of studying. Incase your parents ask, I promise these are very productive ways to procrastinate, if that's even a thing.

1. Watch a makeup tutorial video on YouTube.

Try it out yourself and end up looking nothing like what the girl does in the video. Not even close.

2. Build a house out of toothpicks.

Maybe even enter your masterpiece into a local toothpick building contest. That will definitely take up more time.

3. Watch a bunch of TED Talks.

They're inspiring you in so many ways, that has to be a good excuse to watch more.

4. Go on Pinterest and pin a ton of recipes.

5. Learn another language, for free!

There is truly no better time to learn.

6. Practice your vocabulary while being charitable

Not even kidding, ever heard of Free Rice? Every time you get a vocabulary word right, rice is donated!

7. Hold a conversation with someone purely using emojis.

8. Color coordinate your closet.

9. Knit a scarf.

10. Make a legit bucket list.

Probably the coolest website to have your bucket list and you'll never lose track of it!

11. Color a page (or 10) in one of those nifty adult coloring books.

12. Try and sell something on Amazon or Etsy.

13. Use every single filter on Snapchat and send each photo to all of your friends.

14. Make a list of possible names for your future children.

15. Bake something delicious.

I wouldn't mind if you shared some with me.

16. Go onto Google Earth and find a place to build your dream home.

17. Your floor is suddenly hot lava, act fast.

18. Try and figure out how many licks it actually takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

19. Come up with a list of all the books you want to read.

Even though you'll never read 99 percent of them.

20. Clean your room.

Distraction for HOURS.

21. Learn a new dance.

22. Stalk your favorite celebrity on all forms of social media.

23. Binge watch classic Disney movies.

24. Do some online shopping.

But never end up paying for any of it.

25. Take a nice nap.

26. Search your fridge and pantry over and over for the food that isn't there.

27. Clean out your email.

28. Create a secret handshake with your best friend.

Procrastination is more fun when it's done together!

29. Find a super annoying song and get it stuck in everyone's head.

30. Jump into a random Facebook post, start a fight.

And pop some corn!!!

31. Build a fort.

And never leave.

32. Download 2048 on your phone.

33. Go on BuzzFeed and take a million different quizzes.

Make sure to post all the results on your Facebook.

34. Plan your future wedding.

No, I don't care if you've been single for years, just do it.

35. Memorize every single line from your favorite Christmas movie.

I highly suggest "Elf."

36. Sign up your friends on all the best online dating websites.

Famers Only is unbeatable.

37. Send out chain mail to all your friends.

38. Clean out your book bag or purse.

39. Write an article about procrastination and end it on an odd number.

Happy procrastinating and may the odds be ever in your favor in the following weeks.

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