36 Thoughts Everyone Has While Watching The First Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'
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36 Thoughts Everyone Has While Watching The First Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'

Wait, is this much blood normal?

36 Thoughts Everyone Has While Watching The First Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'
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So I am a bit late to the game, but I just started "Game of Thrones" ... *pause for brief faints*

I just finished finals, and I just got an HBO GO account. So up until now, I didn't really have any way of watching the show unless I was going to bum off of someone else's account. Considering I didn't really have an account to bum off of, I was just left waiting.

But, let me tell you it was worth the wait. Starting a new series is a big time commitment, almost bigger than committing to a particular outfit to wear for the night.

That first episode is a test to see how well a person's attention can be occupied. For me, I have to be intrigued by the plot line from the first five minutes, or it is game over.

Luckily for the creators of this wonderful show, I was intrigued by the first scene. And I am now binge-watching my way through the entire first season in one night.

Watching any first episode of a series brings about so many questions though. Who are these characters? Why do I have to wait until halfway through the season to figure out why they're all connected? It's like new series, same questions.

"Game of Thrones" definitely left me asking some major questions from the start of the first second, and maybe you had some of these thoughts too ... if you can remember back that far.

1. Alright, here we go episode one. Let's do this.

2. Ok. Wow, not even five minutes in and people are already dead.

3. Alright, who are these guys in the woods? What are they doing?

4. Can I get a name, please?

5. Holy, those creatures have blue eyes and wasn't that little girl just dead?

6. Finally, some form of civilization.

7. Bran is too young to see this guy get beheaded. What is his father thinking?

8. OMG, those baby wolves are so cute, I want one.

9. Hey, that's the guy that screwed over Cameron Diaz in "The Other Woman."

10. Rob Stark. Wow. Definitely the most attractive character yet.

11. Okay, this much nudity is not okay. And all of these people are related.

12. This girl does not want to be married. At. All.

13. Wait I cannot keep up with all of these people. How are they connected, again?

14. Daenerys' brother needs to get punched.

15. Haha these people are absolutely hammered at this feast.

16. Oh did the King just kiss someone in front of his wife?

17. Oh ok, I'm sensing a rivalry coming on between the Queen's brother and Lord Stark. Bring it on.

18. We get it. Winter is coming.

19. One hour in and already around six of the characters are dead.

20. What is this random cameo of people grinding in the background at this wedding?

21. That food cannot be sanitary enough to eat.

22. Okay, wait I don't think that was just dancing ...

23. Intestines. Intestines are everywhere.

24. This isn't like any wedding I've ever been to.

25. Yes! The dragons are here.

26. This whole arranged marriages business is not okay. She is crying for goodness sake.

27. Wait, is the first episode already almost over? No time has passed yet.

*Looks at watch*

28. Well, s**t I've been sitting here for an hour.

29. Aww, Bran and the wolf pup are adorable together.

30. Bran, what are you doing? She told you not to climb anymore.

31. Wow and now he sees this. He's only 10 wtf.

Wait that tower is really high ... what's the queen's brother doing?

32. No, he wouldn't it's only episode one ...

33. No. No. No.

34. He can't ...


36. Okay next episode, please.

And let the games begin.

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