When I think about the things I am grateful for, my family, friends, good health, cozy home, and wonderful education come to mind. Without a doubt, these are the blessings that I count throughout the year.

But despite all of these reasons to smile, a few bad days here and there are inevitable.

When the going gets tough, I like to remind myself of the little things. Sometimes, they're what we need to make it through a rough day.

This Thanksgiving, give thanks to your bigger blessings, but also give thanks to the little, unconventional things that make up everyday life.

1. Home-cooked meals.

2. Snuggling with your pets. 

3. The laughter of your high school best friends. 

4. The feeling of warm, clean sheets.

5. Waking up to the smell of breakfast.

6. Chances to sleep in. 

7. Fall-scented candles.

8. The new shows coming to Netflix.

9. Oversized sweatshirts.

10. Homemade mac 'n cheese.

11. Warm clothes fresh out of the dryer. 

12. Your Grandma's homemade pie. 

13. Getting the last slice of pie. 

14. The feeling you get after all the dishes are done. 

15. Those Black Friday deals. 

16. Cyber Monday (and free shipping!)

17. A text from a loved one.

18. The feeling you get after a hard workout. 

19. Uber and Lyft. 

20. Staying in your pajamas all day. 

21. Finding cute shoes in your size.

22. The smell of a book shop. 

23. Cute coffee shops. 

24. Happy hour specials. 

25. Back scratches. 

26. Fireplaces and hot chocolate. 

27. Direct deposit. 

28. Carbs. All kinds.

29. People who open doors for you. 

30. People who let you sit on public transportation. 

31. Old home videos. 

32. Hot showers. 

33. The feeling you get when your package arrives. 

34. The feeling you get after finishing a good book. 

35. Decorating the house. 

36. Buying gifts for your loved ones. 

37. Good conversation.