1. Beach Please!

2. I don’t need a man, i need tequila in my hand!

3. High tides and good vibes

4. Summer 2K18

5. Sunkissed

6. Girls just wanna have sun

7. Beach, sleep, repeat

8. Spac season has arrived

9. Just beachy

10. FriDave

11. SunDaze

12. Put more effort into my tan than my Gpa

13. Taking advantage of this sun(day)

14. Sunshine cures all

15. Life is simple, just add sunshine

16. Life is simple, just add water

17. Lake daze

18. Good times, tan lines

19. No expectations, no disappointments!

20. Life’s better on the boat

21. Cake by the ocean

22. Got that sunshine in my pocket

23. Resting Beach Face

24. Vacay

25. Aquaholic

26. Living for the summer

27. Chillin’ breezin’ sippin’ singin’

28. Got my toes in the water a** in the sand

29. Summer calls for great friends and memories

30. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream... Basically the same thing!

31. Pool hair, don’t care

32. Time to Seas the day

33. I’m walking on sunshine

34. Tropic like it’s hot

35. Pool Daze

36. Summer lovin’

37. Sunny days make for happier days!