365 Days Later And You're Irrelevant, Now I Know Time Does Heal All Wounds

365 Days Later And You're Irrelevant, Now I Know Time Does Heal All Wounds

Exactly one year later, and I wish that day, 365 days ago, never would have happen.


One year. 365 days.

365 days since I first laid eyes on you. You were silent; you didn't say much as you walked into my dirty room. You didn't even introduce yourself. You didn't need to. When I saw you, I knew. I wanted that cute boy with the handsome smirk to be mine, all mine.

You swept me off my feet. You had me mesmerized. We clicked instantly, yet we took it slow, or so we thought. We fell hard and fast. I had finally found love once again, and I was fully consumed.

We waited two months to make it official; it felt like the longest two months ever. And after only a week of dating, it felt like the worst week ever.

Five days into dating and something was already my fault. I drove fours hours to see you but because you were too busy with your friends, it was my fault you didn't get to see me. The war, the fighting, and the mental anguish were only just beginning.

If only I knew then, what I know now.

I was in love. And when you're in love, there's no such thing as red flags. Sure, I didn't like a lot of the ways you treated me, but I still tried to change what I could to make it better for you. I loved you. I wanted to be what you wanted. You loved me.... right?

No, you didn't love me. That's not love. If only I knew then what I know now.

365 days later.

I'm laying in bed, holding the hand of a man as he kisses my forehead.

A man who doesn't tell me I can't hang out with my guy friends, but encourages that I do. A man who knows that having time alone, without all our friends around, is important in a relationship, and that alone time doesn't have to consist of sex. A man who doesn't respond once a day and then blames me for the disconnect.

A man who doesn't find fault in me for things that aren't my fault.

Exactly one year later, and I wish that day, 365 days ago, never would have happen.

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An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Mom

A simple thank you is not enough.

Your son and I have been dating a while now and I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Wow, where do I start? Ever since the day your son brought me into your home you have shown me nothing but kindness. I have not one negative thought about you and I am truly thankful for that. I first and foremost want to thank you for welcoming me with open arms. There are horror stories of mothers resenting their son's girlfriends and I am blessed there is no resentment or harsh feelings.

Thank you for treating me like one of your children, with so much love but knowing exactly when to tease me.

Thank you for sticking up for me when your son teases me, even though I know it’s all in good fun it's always comforting knowing you have someone by your side.

Thank you for raising a man who respects women and knows how to take responsibility of mistakes and not a boy who is immature and doesn’t take responsibility.

Thank you for always including me in family affairs, I may not be blood family but you do everything you can to make sure I feel like I am.

Thank you for letting me make memories with your family.

There is nothing I value more in this world then memories with friends and family and I am thankful you want and are willing to include me in yours. I have so much to thank you for my thoughts keep running together.

The most important thing I have to thank you for is for trusting me with your son. I know how precious and valuable he is and I won't break his heart. I will do everything I can to make him happy. This means more than you could ever imagine and I promise I will never break your trust.

The second most important thing I must thank you for is for accepting me for who I am. Never have you ever wished I looked like another girl or acted like another girl. You simply love and care for me and that’s all I could ever ask. Every person in this world is a unique different person and understanding that means a lot.

The third most important thing I must thank you is teaching me how to one day in the future treat a potential girlfriend that I may interact with as a mother. I am not a mother, but I one day plan to be. If I ever have a son it is because of how you treated me that I am able to be a humble loving mother to this new face that could one day walk into my door. How you have treated me has taught me how I should one day be in the future and I thank you for that.

This may seem all over the place but that’s how my brain gets when I try and thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s all so much and even the little things are so important so I promise my scattered thoughts are all with good intentions and not meant to bombard you. I just want to get the idea across to you that you are important and special to me and everything you do does not go unnoticed.


Your Son’s Girlfriend

Cover Image Credit: Christian Images and Quotes

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Valentine's Day Doesn't Always Have to Involve Big, Romantic Gestures, It's The Little Things

You don't need to spend loads of money to make your s/o feel appreciated.


Valentine's day can be expensive to prepare for and to initiate for someone you love and want to make feel special. Though you want your significant other to know how much you care and love them there are so many things that you can do to show how much you appreciate them.

Make them breakfast in bed.


Cook their favorite breakfast, and bring them it in bed. Make a heart out of strawberries or even whipped cream on their pancakes or french toast. Right away that morning they already know you woke up thinking about them.

Buy them flowers.


You don't have to spend $100 dollars on expensive flower shop flowers. Grocery stores have flowers that are not as expensive. You can even add an artificial flower and say that "you'll love them till the last flower dies." A cliche but still so cute.

Make them a hand made card.


Honestly half the time it is hard to even find a card that fits your significant other and your relationship exactly. It doesn't even have to be in card form. Write them a note and stick it in their lunch for the day, or leave it where they can find it when you aren't around.

Cook them their favorite meal.


Food is always a good option. Get some candles, make a menu, set the table, have some nice music. Make it romantic!

Get items to have a spa night.


Yes even if you are a guy you can do a face mask. Take some cute selfies. It will be a fun night for the books. You can get facemasks on Amazon, at Target etc. Do face masks, a hair mask, give them a massage, paint their nails, get them a bath bomb or bubbles to relax with.

Make them a mason jar full of papers about how much you love them.


This is one of the cutest gifts I've received personally. It is a little time-consuming. But you can make this gift with a lot of love and less than $10 dollars.

Cook them dinner, but take them out for dessert.


Most of the time you are full before desert anyway. So cook them their favorite meal, then get dressed up and go get some fancy desserts. This way you aren't spending so much, but you still are taking them out of the house.

Get their favorite movies, make a tent out of sheets, put some string lights up, lots of pillows and blankets and snacks.


This is always such a cute, and fun idea to do. Yes it will take a little bit to set up. But you can have it for more than one night if you want. It will be worth it in the end.

You don't have to spend a whole bunch of money, make some huge grand gesture to let your significant other know you care this Valentine's day. You don't have to go overboard, in the end, you will show them you love them either way.

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