36 People I'm most thankful for
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36 People I'm most thankful for

As it is thanksgiving I just wanted to reflect on where I am in life right now and take a few minutes to thank all the beautiful people that are surrounding me and that have been influential in my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without all of them and this is just a small thanks. I really tried to include most everyone, sorry this is going to be lengthy. But with 20 years under my belt I'm met a lot of people I'm thankful for who are or at least once were in my life.

36 People I'm most thankful for

36 People that I am thankful for:


Mom you have giving me everything am more. You are the best mom and a wonderful friend, I know that you raised me right and I'm thankful for all the ballet classes you paid for and drove me to, I'm thankful for the higher education that you have given me, I appreciate that you were always home with me, that you made dinners every night, and that you always believed in me.


Dad, I'm thankful for your support. You have shown me what it is to work hard and it's something that I aspire to always do. I am grateful for your adventurous spirit and all the memories we have hunting fishing traveling camping and jeeping together. I'm your little out doors girl.


Bryce, you are such a fantastic little or big now brother. I'm so thankful I didn't end up an only child...like I wanted!! You are too much fun and I can't wait to continue watching you grow into the stud that you are. Thanks for sharing KitKat's (our cat) love with me and for always having candy in the house. I admire your intelligence, drive for perfection, and quiet side.All these things make you unique and so different then me.


Sophia, you have been one of my longest friends and I admire the person you are. I love that you dream big and every time that we get to spend together is always so much special, fun, and like no time has passed. I can't wait to see what travel experience your going to go on next, all the fun active ways you go about enjoying life, your love for nature, and that girly piece of you too.


Jackie, you were the best neighbor. I loved that we lived so close and literally did everything together on the weekends growing up. Thank you for always letting me ring your door bell and for being a great friend. Hope your doing well, love you girly.


Maddie, I cherish our friendship more than you know. I could of ask for someone more alike me, except for our career path. You are so driven and have the best heart. I can't say enough kind words about you but thank you for being the best college girl friend that I could have, you have been with me though it all! Keep killing it in nursing school I am so proud of you.


Holli, you are the most Christ like person I know and I'm so thankful that Gods places you in my life. You have challenged me and grown me in only the best ways and I couldn't be more thankful for our relationship and for the heart you have. You are so pure and the ultimate friend. You are going to do great thinks and really have a special gift when it comes to making people feel their best.

Gracie Lou

Grace thank you for being you. I appreciate your heart and prayers. It is so special to have you in my life and to come home to. I love the quality time and talks that we get to share.


Stephani, you are so loyal and a wonderful friend. I love your family completely and am thankful that I've got to eat wonderful Arabic food and some beautiful culture. I love that you are so supportive and that I can always have the best time with you whether we are doing something crazy or just watching movies on the couch I am so grateful for you.


Brandon, I can't believe that time and growth that has happened over the past few years. I am so grateful to have a guy in my life like you; God really blessed me with something beautiful when he entered you into my life. At the time I didn't know why or see things as clearly(still probably don't haha) but now I can't wait for everything that's to come. I admire you in so many ways and have seen such change. It's going to be one hell of an adventure babe, love you.


Camille, I don't even know where to start with you girl. I love so much about you and have always admired so many of the different qualities that you posses. You are you and I love that. I cherish the memories we have and continue to make. Keep cooking, gardening, singing, and being creative these are just some of the my favorite things about you!


Kayleigh, I'm so thankful that Holli introduced me to you last year you have become such an extraordinary friend. I love that I can always be at peace when I talk to you and that your personality is just so calm and personable. You give great advice and I can't wait to be your roomie!


Marissa, thank you for being a wonderful friend. I appreciate the times we get to spend together and for all the crazy high school moments. I'm proud of you and love seeing all that you doing. Keep killing it in slo girl... very jealous that your on a beach and I'm in Kansas but, I can't wait to visit you.

Brookie G

Brookie G, thank you for all the best high school moments. I loved being your friend and for all the times we had together. I am really grateful for you and hope that you keep doing amazing things. Love you girl.


Ethan, I appreciate the great moments and adventures that we were always on in high school. I can't even believe that your getting married, I literally can't even remember the classes I have for school or manage to cook dinner for myself. You are such a good friend and I wish you and Jessie all the best. I'm so happy for you!


Logan man your a weird kid. Thanks for being in my life. Your were and interesting friend and I'm so grateful for all the laughs and random moments. You have a good heart. Keep being you, ps I'm still in love with Theo (his dog for you that don't know).


Matt, dude I can't believe that your not going to be my neighbor anymore. I'm going to miss that. Thanks for always being a fun friend. Love all the times we've shared.


Olivia your we're the best friend that I was attached to the hip with as miss Gewertz would of said. Thank you for being your crazy self so of the best times were spent making water balloons, jumping on your trampoline, putting on make up, watching get smart, and babysitting chiwiwichi... man we were so mean looking back at it. Love you girly and I'm so proud your killing it in beauty school. So thankful for all the years of friendship and mostly the laughs. I peed laughing way to many times.


Brooke thank you for being the best introduction to Kstate. I love our friendship and your heart. I am so happy for all the fun moments we had starting freshman year and appreciate that you welcomed me into your family and that you made me love K-state. If I didn't have a roomie like you I probably wouldn't still be in Kansas. Also thanks to Jordan he is so sweet and I'm happy for the both of you!


Jenna, girl you are so funky and a loyal friend. I'm glad that we have always been in classes together and that we have made so many memories being roomies. Thank you for making me love K-state. I really cherish our friendship and think you super special.


Sydney, I hope you doing amazing. I literally have no idea what's going on in your life but thank you for all the laughs and memories we had freshman year. You were a good friend and I love our talks and your hype!


Justine, you are my one of my loudest friends but you are you. I love all the fun times and trips that I have been on with your family. You are so fun and sweet and I love that you have structure in your life, I admire you for that. Also thanks for making me aware of what celiacs is. Your such a joy to be around and always have practical advice, love you for that.


Lisa, thank you for letting me work for you. I love that your so passionate and admire your work. I appreciate all the experiences you have share with me, and have learned a lot from you. Thank you for being an amazing boss and person.


JRRC as a whole. Honestly your just family to me. I have too many good moments working at the club and of course working out their. No other gym will ever be better. Special thanks to Cory, Jessica, Stephani, Cobus, and Tiffany you are all my favorites.


Kyle, thankful for the relationship that we did or didn't have. Kinda confusing but I have no regrets from it. You probably don't even know, it broke a little piece of my heart in high school. However it was my fault and has helped me learn and seek healthier relationships today so I'm so thankful for that and wish you the best.


Cat your crazy hah but I I love you so dearly. You are the best hype girl and are so loyal. I love all the talks we get to have and of course shopping together. I'm glad that your my little and that I got to live with you in axid!!! I wouldn't of traded it. So thankful for our friendship and that we have done so many fun things together.


Ratheya, you are the best listener. I am so thankful for our therapeutic talks. You also have an incredible memory and work ethic. I am so thankful that we both played tennis because that was just the start to our bond. Can't wait to see you next and live hearing bout everything in your life. No doubt you will be making be changing lives one day, your so smart and beautiful! Don't forget it.


Emma, your passion for the environment is amazing. I love it!! Your doing such cool things and I love hearing about it and being outdoors in the sunshine with you. Thanks for being an amazing friend and for all the fun moments, can't wait to make more.


Juju, you are an amazing friend and I love seeing where your going. I love all the laughs and shared moments we've had at bodega, in the barns with the horses, shopping, and baking. Thankful for you girly, keep killing it in Texas.


Ashley, you are such a ball of light. I love your laugh and seeing all the adventures your on. I'm proud of you and appreciate the fun moments we have had hiking, playing tennis, swimming, eating, and for the sleepovers.

Amanda Panda

Amanda panda, love you girl and I'm so thankful that tennis brought us together. You are such a great friend always love hearing about your life and seeing you kill it modeling. Keep doing amazing things in Arizona, can't tell you how much I wish I was in the heat and not the Kansas snow

Gma Jane

Grandma Jane, I totally look up to you and have gotten such good advice and love from you. Thank you for being around so much while I was growing up. I love when your around and am thankful for all the baking, sewing, tanning, movies, shopping, and card games we've had together. You are the best grandma and I love you!

Buzz/ Jeanie

Buzz and Jeanie, thank you for letting me stay with you and for the fun times we've had. I really appreciate getting to know you a bit better the past few years and grandma, especially for taking me to church. I love the time we spend together.

Barry/ Vicky 

Barry and Vicky, thank you for taking time to visit with me and letting me stay in KC with you. I really love the lake, enjoy the golf cart rides, petting traveler she is such a sweet girl, eating way to much at the corner, and for grandpa's talks (shooting the shit). Love you both!


Cameron, love talking with your and seeing your creative spark. I love the way you think and think we have a lot in common. I'm so glad I'm in manhappenin with you and just for the magazine in general. Love all the artsy and fashion vibes I get from you. Can't wait to see what's in your future!


Ashton, I'm so happy I get to be friends with you. Your so sweet and your joy for God is amazing. So thankful for the weekly loaves of bread we would eat and for all the coffee dates you have! Love our friendship and your spunk.

Sorry for anyone that I forgot but here's a good start of a list of people I love and admire. Also the order is completely random. Thank you all and I hope all who are reading are in here!

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