35 Things You Won't Understand If You're Not From Tuscaloosa
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Student Life

35 Things You Won't Understand If You're Not From Tuscaloosa

Roll Tide Roll

35 Things You Won't Understand If You're Not From Tuscaloosa
Carmen Sisson

1. Two words: road contruction

2. Like...everywhere

3. Is there really anywhere you CAN drive and not run into construction?

4. But it's okay because the new roads are awesome.

5. It seems like there's a new building or business every other day

6. It's great because we love local businesses

7. And we love all of the new restaurants

8. Speaking of food, T-town has some amazing food

9. Like Midnight Sushi at Surin

10. And Rock N Roll Sushi

11. And Cookout

12. And Taco Mama

13. And City Cafe

14. But we can't talk about food in T-town without talking about...


16. If you're not from Tuscaloosa, you won't get why we're obsessed with Taco Casa

17. It's almost as great as football

18. Speaking of football...

19. Saturdays are reserved for tailgating and football parties

20. And your football attire rivals your church attire

21. No matter how long you've lived in T-town, you probably don't know your way around all of UA's campus

22. But you wish you did because there are so many cool things to see on campus

23. You also drive so carefully on campus because there are pedestrians EVERYWHERE

24. There's a lot of cool stuff to see around town

25. Like the Spillway

26. And Bryant-Denny

27. And the Riverwalk

28. And the Arboretum

29. And Lake Tuscaloosa

30. And Old Bryce

31. That is if you're cool enough to know where Old Bryce is

32. If you weren't directly affected by the April 27 tornado, you know a lot of people who were

33. And you know that while the tornado ripped the town apart, it brought the people of Tuscaloosa together

34. And last but not least

35. No matter where you go, Tuscaloosa is home

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