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34 Things You Know If You're A Floridian

Living your whole life in such a unique and exciting place means everywhere else would pale in comparison to the sunshine state.

Taweeroj Eawpanich

I've lived in Florida my whole life and like most Floridians, I love the place I grew up. But ask any of us what we hate about the sunshine state and we can start rambling off a whole slew of grievances we have with the place.

1. Tourists keep the economy alive but constantly challenge your patience.

2. Annual passes almost excuse the ever-expanding lines and wait times.

Briana Tozour

3. If you want to go anywhere, you better own a car. Public transport here is hilariously nonexistent.

4. Snow is a magical and mythical being. A huge chunk of Floridians have only seen snow in Hallmark Christmas movies.

5. Publix is our reason for being. It truly makes us feel bad that other states can't enjoy the splendor of a pub sub.

6. We are so lucky we don't live in literally any other state because then we'd have to pay state income tax.

7. Winter is for the locals. It's when the parks have five-minute wait times and the beaches are deserted by tourists.

8. Disney World is all we're really known for and we're okay with that. Walt knew Florida was where it's at.

Park Troopers

9. AC is the only reason we're alive. Without it, no one in their right mind would live here.

10. Having a fireplace in your home is rare. What's even rarer is getting an opportunity to light it.

11. Summers filled with third-degree sunburns and aloe is a right of passage for all true Floridians.

Taryn Manning

12. Election time is frightening because Florida holds way too much power for a state filled with weirdos and crazies.

13. All the strangest news articles probably involve a Floridian. Just check this out if you don't believe me.

14. Mosquito bites are as much a part of Florida as sunshine is.

15. Leaving home without an umbrella is equivalent to leaving without shoes on; Your day is going to be pretty uncomfortable.

David Clarke

16. The weather is unpredictable but that's the way we like it. If not, what would we be? California? Yuck.

17. Sharks and alligators are literally everywhere but they are usually pretty harmless.

18. Hurricanes are scary but also a lot of fun. For some reason, we eagerly await the hurricanes. It's like the hunger games. Fighting neighbors for water, gas and random unhealthy snacks is all part of the hurricane spirit. Also, have you ever been to a hurricane party? If not then you're missing out.

19. Being able to swim is a more important skill than walking.

Leo Rivas

20. Flip-flops are the go-to all year long.

21. States that get seasons don't understand how lucky they are. Seasons here are depressing and every year around September we all consider moving somewhere like Alaska or Michigan. So stop complaining about the weather because no matter where you are you still get summer while winter here is sad and hot.

Kelly Sikkema

22. High altitudes and hiking boots are truly exotic. Seeing a slight hill will leave some Floridians in awe.

23. Amoebas are more frightening than anything else. Everyone's mom told them horror stories about a boy who accidentally stumbled into a hot lake. The fear has been ingrained in us since birth.

24. Some of the best memories happen on a boat.

Maxi am Brunnen

25. Other states don't think we're southern but we still enjoy our sweet tea and grits anyways.

26. Hurricane days beat snow days.

27. Key lime pie is a work of art. Period.

Nathan Lemon

28. It's worth sweating your ass off in boots and sweaters in 60-degree weather because it might not get "cold" this year.

29. A full-face of makeup is dangerous during the summer (and a majority of the year here). If you give someone a hug your face might end up on their shirt.

30. We are stereotyped so hard. If I live in Florida I must be a redneck or eighty, right?

31. It's challenging to drink hot things during the winter. All Florida girls know our Pumpkin Spice Lattes always have to come iced.

Sorin Sirbu

32. Receiving emails from clothing stores offering deals on fall clothes that we can never wear is heartbreaking.

33. Getting your car to cool down before you start sticking to the seat should be an Olympic sport

34. Shade is to be treasured and worshipped.

Besides New York, we probably have the most diversity in ethnicities, cultures, food and entertainment. Florida brought the world sunscreen, AC, Disney World and Gatorade. Living your whole life in such a unique and exciting place means everywhere else would pale in comparison to the sunshine state.

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