Although I may not meet you for many years to come, I want you to know these very important things:

1. I will love you unconditionally.

2. I'll be your biggest fan.

3. I will take A LOT of pictures of you.

4. I will show you what a healthy and happy marriage looks like.

5. I will always be on your side.

6. I may be overprotective at times.

7. I will brag about you and all of your accomplishments.

8. Don't lie to me.

9. I find everything out.

10. Treat people how you want to be treated.

11. God comes first.

12. I will be here to support you and your dreams.

13. Do not judge others, you never know what they're going through.

14. Be respectful.

15. But, don't let others walk all over you or take advantage of you.

16. Family means everything.

17. Learn to appreciate the small moment.

18. Don't be afraid to tell me what's going on in your head.

19. Learn from your mistakes.

20. I am your mother first, friend second.

21. I will push you to be the best version of yourself.

22. There are times that you are going to be really mad at me, maybe even hate me.

23. But, every decision I make is because I love you.

24. You are going to be wrong.

25. You are beautiful, inside and out.

26. God has a plan for you, so trust in Him.

27. Find something you're passionate about.

28. Work hard, because life isn't handed to you.

29. Call your grandparents.

30. Love yourself.

31. Live every day like it's your last.

32. Appreciate the small moments.

33. Never settle.

34. You are incredibly special.

35. Never forget how much I love you.

I cannot wait to see the amazing person you grow into!