I had a rough week this past week, and I know I'm not the only one. There's school stuff, family stuff, school stuff, and personal stuff, and sometimes all that stuff stacks up so far that it falls over and causes a huge stressful disaster in your life. For me, that was this week. This week was stressful and hard, and sometimes it just helps to acknowledge how terrible something is. So, on that note, I've written this in honor of my crappy week.

1) Accidentally shaving your head and then trying to play it off as a bad hair day

2) Reaching into a box of your favorite snack and realizing that the box is empty

3) Being caught in the rain with no umbrella on the day you decided to wear neon pink leopard print underwear

4) Your favorite team leading the entire game and losing in the last 30 seconds because of a bad call

5) That moment in the Princess Bride when Westley and Buttercup think they're safe from the Fire Swamp only to be captured seconds later

6) Thinking it's Friday and then finding out that it's actually Monday

7) Finally getting food when you're super hungry and then spilling it everywhere

8) Your phone/computer dying halfway something really really important

9) Being late and in a rush and your car won't start

10) Realizing at 2 am that you have a 10 page paper due the next day

11) Having a horrible fight with one of your best friends and then remembering it's their birthday

12) Having to sit through a Twilight movie while sitting between Edward Cullen fangirls

13) The moment you realize you've forgotten something extremely important

14) Getting a paper cut between your fingers and then dipping your hand in lemon juice

15) All the cheese sliding off the pizza slice

16) Your favorite band breaking up

17) Someone saying "We need to talk"

18) Your mother using your full name

19) Losing your wallet and finding out someone in Dubai bought $4000 worth of jewelry with your credit card

20) Being stuck in traffic miles from the nearest highway exit with only 1 gallon of gas in the tank

21) Going to a restaurant and asking for Coke/Pepsi and they only have the other one

22) Getting halfway through a Big Mac and finding a long hair hanging out of your mouth

23) Stubbing your pinky toe on the corner of a wall

24) Eating nothing but raw spinach leaves for an entire week

25) Sleeping only in 1 hour increments for a month

26) Remembering that today is your anniversary and you haven't done anything for it

27) Attempting to dye your hair and instead you somehow bleach your eyebrows

28) Getting tattoo with a word misspelled

29) Going on a blind date and finding out you're related to your date

30) The world being completely out of ice cream

31) Only decaf coffee existing

32) Having to go everywhere on stilts while hopping on one foot

33) Broken headphones

34) A baby screaming the entire time on a 13 hour flight

35) The 2016 presidential election

So, I hope everyone's next week is better than this past one was. And may none of these things ever be comparable to your life.