35 Song Lyrics That Will Be Stuck In Your Head.
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35 Song Lyrics That Will Be Stuck In Your Head.

35 random song lyrics from my Sounds Great, Feels Great playlist.

35 Song Lyrics That Will Be Stuck In Your Head.
5 Seconds of Summer

Music is a big part of people's everyday lives. It's like math. It's in everything we do. We hear music, we see music, we think of music, we feel music. Most of all, we speak it. We sing our hearts out to lyrics that make us happy, sad, everything.

In light of that, I put on my playlist titled "Sounds Great, Feels Great" (named after 5 Seconds of Summer's second album, Sounds Good, Feels Good) and selected my favorite lyric from each song that comes on. Challenge mode: no chorus lyrics allowed.

1. "Yeah I'll fall first, just to show you." - Anything But Love; Shane Harper.

2. "This isn't the stain of red wine, I'm bleedin' love." - Olivia; One Direction.

3. "Now I need someone to breathe me back to life." - Stitches; Shawn Mendes.

4. "If I didn't have you, I'd never see the sun. You taught me how to be someone." - Drag Me Down; One Direction.

5. "Cause even though I shouldn't want it, I gotta have it." - Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea); Ariana Grande.

6. "My neighbor told me that I've got bad brains, but I'm alright though (We're alright though.)" - She's Kinda Hot; 5 Seconds of Summer.

7. "I'm on your side and I will fight, can you hear my love?" - Focus: Jacob Whitesides.

8. "You got me tongue tied, I can't escape it. I'm lovin' what you got." - Don't Stop; 5 Seconds of Summer.

9. "She may be clever but she just acts too square." - Good Girls; 5 Seconds of Summer.

10. "But love is never ever simple, no." - Clouds; One Direction.

11. "Late night I think we need to getaway. Headlights hold tight turn the radio loud." - Kiss Me Kiss Me; 5 Seconds of Summer.

12. "Cause I'd beg for you, lie for you and if it comes to it I'd die for you. Kill for you, steal for you." - Bury Our Love; Jacob Whitesides.

13. "If Hollywood could see me now, I'd get the staring role. But they wont so I'll just keep on acting a fool." - Heartache on the Big Screen; 5 Seconds of Summer.

14. "This is our reality, crazy stupid you and me." - Long Way Home; 5 Seconds of Summer.

15. "Straight up, you got me. All in, how could I not be." - Baby I; Ariana Grande.

16. "I'd rather have holes in my shoes, than grow old without you." - Broke Billionaire; Jacob Whitesides.

17. "Mind is running in circles of you and me, anyone in between is the enemy." - Where Do Broken Hearts Go; One Direction.

18. "Are we dead or half asleep, love me right oh baby its time to leave." - You Don't Love Me Like You Should; Hey Violet.

19. "When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky, to the beat of our hearts at the same time. So close but so far away." - Beside You; 5 Seconds of Summer.

20. "So come on darling, I'm no strings attaching." - Jaded Love; Jacob Whitesides.

21."I fell, so fast, can't hold myself back." - Burnin' Up; The Jonas Brothers.

22. "Under the moonlight as we stared to the sea, the words you whispered I will always believe." - Rock Me; One Direction.

23. "I tried to run away but your eyes, tell m to stay oh why, why do we call this love." - Me and My Broken Heart; Rixton.

24. "Every time we touch I'm all shook up. You make me wanna... How deep is your love?" - Better Than Words; One Direction.

25. "I'll go the distance but not all of the way, yeah. Say what you mean to me and mean what you say." - Wait on Me; Rixton.

26. "He brought you down but it's not your fault." - Heartbeat; Jacob Whitesides.

27. "We work too damn hard for this just to give it up now. If you don't swim, you'll drown. But don't move, honey." - She Looks So Perfect; 5 Seconds of Summer.

28. "I hope you know, for you I'd sacrifice to make this right." - Everything I Didn't Say.; 5 Seconds of Summer.

29. "Through the doors and past the guards, just like she already owned it." - Best Song Ever; One Direction.

30. "Back in high school, we used to make up plans. Called you up one day to meet split ends." - Out of My Limit; 5 Seconds of Summer.

31. "In the front row, going insane and in the back row, you're killing the game." - Money; 5 Seconds of Summer.

32. "See you walking 'round like its a funeral. Not so serious girl why those feet cold?" - Cake By The Ocean; DNCE.

33. "Took me, to the future, in the flux thing and I saw everything. Boy bands and another one and another one and another one." - Year 3000; Jonas Brothers (covering Busted.)

34. "The words you speak, surrounding me. This is broken love in the first degree." - Catch Fire; 5 Seconds of Summer.

35. "Stay, and play that Blink-182 song that we beat to death in Tucson." - Closer (feat. Halsey); The Chainsmokers.

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