35 Eerie Writing Prompts
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  1. Someone breaks into a house. They don’t take anything, but the baby gets very sick.
  2. Neighborhood pets begin disappearing.
  3. You can no longer see your reflection.
  4. You start seeing the same strange symbol everyday for a week. Then you wake up a month later from a coma.
  5. You brush against someone on the subway and suddenly no one remembers who you are.
  6. Translucent skin.
  7. Something is burning, but the flames are purple.
  8. You wake up to find you shed an entire layer of skin in your sleep.
  9. A masked figure. When the mask is removed, there is nothing underneath.
  10. Foods keep turning to ash when you touch them.
  11. You look in the mirror and notice your eyes have changed color.
  12. There’s a trail of blood that leads to an animal you’ve never seen before.
  13. There is a party that no one makes it home from.
  14. Crying blood.
  15. You discover a body covered in candy wrappers.
  16. You fall into a bog, but instead of drowning you meet vicious creatures.
  17. You’re kidnapped of the street in broad daylight. You wake in the middle of being sacrificed for a demonic ritual.
  18. Every picture you see that shows a person frowning. When you look again the person is smiling.
  19. Mobile mannequins.
  20. You go to a friend’s house for dinner and they serve raw meat.
  21. You’re given five days to kill a stranger. If you don’t your entire family will die instead.
  22. You’re a supernatural creature and you love Halloween because it’s the one day a year you can be yourself.
  23. Your reflection doesn’t match what you’re doing.
  24. You work in a haunted house for Halloween and you find a body that isn’t part of the display.
  25. A fanged smile.
  26. You start a game of truth or dare that quickly escalates into a murder cover up.
  27. Every time you are close to falling asleep something pinches you. You can see the bruises, but you are alone.
  28. Someone calls you while crying and apologizing. You try to find out what’s wrong, but all they say is “you’re next.”
  29. You accidently join a cult and you can’t leave.
  30. Animal mutations.
  31. You lean closer to the mirror and end up falling through.
  32. There are burns all over your body. How did you get them?
  33. A message written in blood.
  34. You help a little girl find her family. It’s too bad they want to eat you.
  35. You’re paralyzed with a dark figure standing over you.

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