35 Country breakup Songs Every Heartbroken Girl needs

Sometimes the only way to make it through a breakup is through relatable tunes, a glass of wine, and some personal time alone.

1. All On Me

By Devin Dawson

For the times you’re pretty down and you need that guy best friend to talk to. Or when you wish your man was there to lay out your troubles.

2. It Don’t Hurt Like it Used To

By Billy Currington

Lyrics that make you want to think it doesn’t hurt and that your life will go on without them.

3. Think a Little Less

By Micheal Ray

Lyrics that’ll get you out of your house and hopefully meet someone that’ll make you think a little less about your heartbreak.

4. Love in a Bar

By Ryan Hurd

A cringe worthy song to cry and wonder why things went wrong. But oh, so good.

5. Written in the Sand

By Old Dominion

Because you read the guys expectations entirely wrong and wanted more of a relationship than he did.

6. Better Man

By Little Big Town

Raise your glass to the guy you had so much hope in and still love. Just not exactly who he really is.

7. New Girl

By Dustin Lynch

Girl, you’re a queen and the right guy will recognize that.

8. Right Girl Wrong Time

By Jeff Langston

Long distance relationships suck. Period.

9. Like I Loved You

By Brett Young

For your ex that threw around the L-O-V-E word when you actually meant it.

10. Any Ol’ Bar Stool

By Jason Aldean

11. Marry Me

By Thomas Rhett

The heartbreak sinks in when you realize you’re not the one.

12. Whiskey Lullaby

By Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss

A forever heart jerking song. For those couples that love eachother but can’t live with eachother.

13. Somebody Else Will

By Justin Moore

14. Whiskey and You

By Chris Stapleton

Honestly, it’s just a sad song to drink to and it sets the mood. It’s okay to be sad over a heartbreak, but only let it be for a night because you deserve more.

15. I Could Use a Love Song

By Maren Morris

16. Hold You Back

By Ryan Hurd ​

17. Fast Girl

By Seth Evans

18. Drinkin’ Too Much

By Sam Hunt

A tragedy of a song, but look at them now.

19. Fire Away

​By Chris Stapleton

20. Potential

By Danielle Bradbery

For the boy you know that has so much in them. Sometimes it's easier to keep believing what you think they are like than to let go.

21. Sway

By Danielle Bradbery

For the days you just can't get in a good mood, turn this one up.

22. Mercy

By Brett Young

23. Break Up in the End

​By Cole Swindell

24. Before he Cheats

By Carry Underwood

It’s a classic. The end.

25. Try

By Colbie Calliat

For that relationship that beat you up emotionally, listen to this and know your worth.

26. White Horse

By Taylor Swift

27. Tequila

By Dan + Shay

For those suttle things in life, like tequila, that remind you of your ex. Just don’t emotionally, drink call them. You’ll regret it in the a.m.

28. Keeping Score

By Dan + Shay

For that half way breakup when you walked out but nobody really said it’s “over”. These lyrics might make you wonder if your fight is petty and you’re just keeping score or if you’re actually hurt.

29. A Little Bit Stronger

By Sara Evans

Because it hurt like hell but you’re a stonger person everyday and you deserve to move on.

30. Woke Up in Nashville

By Seth Ennis

To the ex that chased dreams and not you. Big mistake.

31. Drunk Me

By Mitchell Tenpenny

32. Drowns the Whiskey

By Jason Aldean

33. Cry Pretty

By Carrie Underwood

34. Greatest Love Story


A story of what you wanted and maybe what you wish you atill had.

35. Rich

By Maren Morris

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