36 Things I Hate About Driving
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36 Things I Hate About Driving

Things that drivers, pedestrians, and passengers do that I can't stand.

36 Things I Hate About Driving

I love driving. It’s one of my favorite things to do, but the other people on the road are the reason why it can be so stressful. I see so many dumb things happen while I am driving, and I don’t know if it is just me, or if everyone else notices all the weird things that go on while you’re driving. People just don’t know what they’re doing anymore while driving. I am a far from perfect driver, but there are just some basic things you should and should not do while driving. So, here is a list of thing I see while I am driving that irritate me.

1. Not using a blinker at all.

I think everyone hates this, but it really is the worst.

2. Putting on your blinker at the last possible minute.

This is especially crappy if I’m trying to turn out of a street or parking lot, and I’m waiting for someone to drive by AND THEY DECIDE TO TURN.

3. Putting on your blinker mid-turn.

Not really how blinkers work…

4. Driving under the speed limit.

… or EXACTLY the speed limit. Ya gotta go, like, two miles over in order for it not to drive the person behind you completely bonkers.

5. Driving far beyond the speed limit.

In all truth, I’m probably already speeding. But you really need to go 70 in a 40?

6. Thinking that, because you drive a fancy car, the rules of the road don’t apply to you.

Your BMW or Mercedes means nothing to me. Drive like the rest of us in Toyotas and Hondas.

7. Thinking that you can hog the road, because you drive an SUV or a pick-up truck.

Oooo, your car is so big? Good for you. Drive like a civilized human being.

8. Doing something other than driving while you’re driving.

This goes far beyond texting and driving. Texting while driving has, sadly, become the norm. I’m also talking about eating while driving, or applying make up, or something like that. I saw a girl the other day behind me eating something with a spoon while she was driving. With a f*cking spoon! Insanity. Just drive.

9. Excessive ordering in the drive-thru.

Okay, this might just be a me thing, but I hate when I'm just tryin’ to get a coffee, and the person in front of me orders 6 coffees and 3 breakfast sandwiches that take forever to cook. Like, for real, go inside if you wanna order that much. You’re holding everything up.

10. Beeping right when the light turns red.

Hold on a sec, honey. You’ll get there.

11. Pulling out last minute.


12. Driving super slow in front of me after pulling out last minute.

Super no.

13. Not using a blinker when changing lanes.

I mean, unless you want to get into an accident.

14. Throwing your trash out the window.

Life hack: take a plastic bag and leave it in your car for trash. You’re welcome.

15. Smoking/vaping while driving.

I already kind of touched on people doing things other than driving while driving, but smoking is nasty and vaping is annoying, so…

16. "Riding my ass".

Only certain people get to do that – in the comfort of my bedroom.

17. Not knowing how a 4-way stop sign works.

It’s something we learned in Kindergarten, and it’s called TAKING TURNS. The person who gets there first has the right of way. Get there the same time as someone else? Clockwise it. It’s so simple, it’s scary that more people don’t understand how this works.

18. Not using your headlights or wipers or high beams when you need them.

Sounds dumb, but I once got stuck behind someone in dense fog at night that REFUSED to put on their lights, and they went 15 MPH from my work parking lot to my house.

19. Buses.

City and school. Act like y’all own the road. Okay, I admit this sound insensitive. They’re very important vehicles, but, seriously. I get it school bus – when the red lights are flashing and the sign is out I need to stop. I will. Don’t be beeping at me like I’m not going to.

20. People who don’t pull over for emergency vehicles.

Now, that’s just rude.

21. People who roll past the stop line, and then stop.

The line isn’t just there for decoration.

22. Driving when your drunk or high.

I mean, common sense, people.

23. When pedestrians don’t use the crosswalk.

This is even more annoying when there is a crosswalk, like, a few steps further up. God forbid you have walk past where you wanna go to cross and then turn around.

24. When pedestrians, in the crosswalk or not, cross the street as if there is no such thing as time.

I mean, I do have places to go today.

25. People who back in to a parking space to as a way of showing off.

Give you a gold star for parking butt first. I’m so impressed.

26. People who go around to get out, because they wanna go THAT fast.

It’s pure gold when they end up getting stuck behind someone going even slower that is too big to pass.

27. People who drive diagonally through parking lots.

There are roads in parking lots, ya know.

28. People who don’t let people go.

Driving well is driving kindly and being a courteous driver. Let someone go once in a while.

29. School parents.

They are the worst… THE WORST. Sure, your kid has to be to school. That doesn’t mean you need to almost cause accidents to get them there.

30. When my passengers don’t put on their seat belts, or who put up a fight with me about wearing a seat belt.

I’m not going to be responsible for killing you. I’m an OK driver, but I’m not the best, and there are a lot of really crappy drivers looking to ruin it for everyone and hit me or something. Don’t like it? Get out of my car and walk.

31. Driving in bad weather.

I don't mind driving in bad weather. I just can't understand why people suddenly forget how to drive when there is the slightest flurry or the tiniest bit of rain.

32. Road work.

It seems like either one of two things happens: there isn't any road work being done, or all of the road work is being done in one day, and you're stuck in a never ending maze of cop directed traffic jams and detours.

33. People who freeze at a detour.

No, you can't go that way, and sitting there staring at it doesn't change anything. Just follow the rest of the traffic, and you'll be okay. I promise.

34. People who go around others that are trying to be nice and let someone go.

It has happened to me too many times-- I'm sitting at a red light, the light turns green, and I decide to let someone go. HOWEVER, the impatient idiot behind me decided to go around me and almost cause an accident. I'm trying to do something nice for someone. Sorry, I didn't mean to slow down your trip not probably nowhere.

35. When people just don't wipe the snow off their car.

This is only applicable for places that experience snow. I'm a New Englander, and I see people allll the damn time in snowy weather just driving with their cars covered in the white stuff with only a small section wiped off to see on their windshield. Like, what the hell?! Just wipe off ya damn car! And, if you have an SUV and can't reach the roof, then shouldn't have gotten an SUV if you can't reach the top of it to wipe it off. It's for your safety and for the safety of others on the road.

36. And, last but not least, "backseat drivers".

Ya know, those people that ask "why are you going that way?" or who yell at other drivers for you. You aren't driving. Keep ya mouth shut.

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