32 Things to do this Summer
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32 Things to do this Summer

Summer lovin

32 Things to do this Summer
Sara Schmidt

As finals come to a end, all of us college students can finally relax and say "It's Summertime". Summertime is defined as the season or period of summer. Summer Summertime is where we don't have to worry about studying for final exams, staying up late to do a assignment that's due the next day, or working on projects. It is a period where we stop doing college work and get back to our summer jobs, hanging out with family and friends, going on vacations, getting ice cream, and go on many more exciting adventures like the beach. For me when I hear it is "Summer" all of these things come to my mind that some college students may have running through their minds as well!

1. Ice cream Dates with friends

2. Beach Days with friends

3. Movie Marathons

4. Barbecues / cookouts

5. Sitting by the fire and making s'mores

6. Mall Day

7. Sitting by the pool, going swimming, night swimming, tanning, and hanging out with friends and family

8. Long car ride adventures

9. Going to Block Island

10. Drive In Movies

11. Summer Photo shoots

12. Burgers and Hot dogs on the grill

13. Going on vacation to a variety of places!

14. Concerts

15. Eating Healthy

16. Sunset chasin

17. Breakfast Dates with friends or your boyfriend!

18. Late nights and All nighters

19. Smoothie making

20. New projects like, re-doing your room!

21. Morning runs and morning sunrise catching

22. Taking a cruise or ferry ride

23. A Trip to Hawaii

24. Going out of the country to Italy, Ireland, Paris, and etc

25. Taking a trip to the Bahamas or Virgin Islands

26. Summer parties with friends!

27. Summer Outfits!

28. Boat Rides

29. Firework shows

30. Sparkler Fun

31. Going to the movies

32. Carnivals & Festivals

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