32 Signs You Grew Up In Pointe Shoes
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32 Signs You Grew Up In Pointe Shoes

Bobby pins. Everywhere.

32 Signs You Grew Up In Pointe Shoes

Almost every little girl was placed into a ballet or tap class at some point in their early years. However, there’s only a small bunch that stick it out to their gut-wrenching senior recital. Growing up as a dancer is a gift. It gives you the chance to not only fall in love with a sport, but to fall in love with an art as well. Even though there were always difficult times at the studio, growing up as a dancer helped to shape the person you are today. So, my dear friends who are apart of that small bunch, never lose track of these 32 signs that you grew up as a dancer:

1. You hated when people asked, "What kind of dance do you do?"

For whatever reason, this question always seemed so condescending. There’s no such thing as a “one type” dancer. We all had to be well rounded. Therefore, the answer to this question was always: Everything.

2. There was never a hairnet to match the color of your bun

A solid ballet bun is always topped off with a hairnet. But, most of the time, the hair net never seemed to match your hair color nicely. To whoever makes hairnets, it’s time to reevaluate what color girls’ hair is.

3. Going en pointe was the biggest milestone ever

You will always remember your first pointe shoe fitting. It’s like the official initiation into the dance world.

4. There's a special place in your heart for every pair of dead pointe shoes

Those babies *literally* supported you through everything.

5. Likewise, there's a special place in hell for the pain the new, unworn-in shoes inflicted

Yes, they were shiny, pretty, and great to look at. It was a shame to take them off and see that your actual bloody blisters ruined the insides.

6. A good ballet class always led to shaky legs afterwards

Even your body couldn’t keep up with how hard you killed that combination across the floor that day.

7. We will forever be in debt to Bloch/Capezio

Thank you, dear friends, for always being there throughout the years to supply endless amounts of pink and tan tights. However, sometimes you guys were too expensive so we just wore ripped tights to class. But, thanks anyways.

8. Your dance bag was to NEVER be touched

Everything was perfect in its organized mess. Yes, it was heavy because of the million pairs of shoes in there. And no, we did not care. Never take shoes out of a dance bag. Ever.

9. You envied girls who could cut their hair freely

Sometimes, when it got warm, you wanted to chop all of your hair off too.

10. You envied girls who could get their nails done freely

Bright nail polish or acrylics just didn’t mix with stage lighting.

11. Your best friends were from dance class

Somehow, we all always loved the same stuff that sparked bonds for life. Go figure.

12. But, so were your worst enemies

There was always one girl who thought that she was way better than you. It was a mutual disliking.

13. You'd practice stage makeup just for fun

And you were doing your own winged eyeliner by the time you were seven.

14. There was never enough room in your "Caboodle" for all of your makeup

Different routines had different protocols, so you had to have all of your makeup for every dance at once.

15. You secretly loved (and still do) the over-the-top competition earrings

They always seemed to add just the perfect amount of sparkle to every routine.

16. Trying on costumes was quite fulfilling

And, if your teacher was a gem, he/she would let you run your number once in the brand new costumes during class.

17. Your costumes were recycled for Halloween costumes

Half of the time you didn’t even know what you were dressed as…but you had the best of the best costumes at every single party.

18. Competition day meant your hair was unmovable

You could have gone skydiving right then and there and I swear, with the right amount of gel and hairspray, your hairstyle would not even flinch.

19. Competition always seemed to run late...except at the most inconvenient times

It was either a lot of waiting around, or having to wear pink tights over your tan tights because there was just no time between numbers to change.

20. Quick changes no longer phase you

Honestly, you could still probably change anytime/anywhere/in front of anyone in about 60 seconds.

21. You wonder how many school/hotel floors you've ruined on competition days

Classrooms were our dressing rooms. I will forever wonder if the actual students of that school were distracted by all the glitter on the floor after the competition.

22. You still have all of your leotards and costumes laying around your parents' house

They’re just too pretty to throw away.

23. Recital day was the most beautiful, glorified mess you'd ever seen

When you weren’t dancing, you were always in the dressing room helping other girls get ready for their next big number.

24. You looked up to the older girls...religiously

By older, I mean the seniors in high school who could nail a sixteen count turn sequence flawlessly.

25. Stage moms are indeed a thing

As terrible as they were sometimes, they’d never hesitate to fix your makeup or sew your headpiece back into place.

26. You still have great studio pride

You practically lived there.

27. Show day really meant “I-Get-A-Million-Flowers-today” day

Flowers were expected. Do not come to my dance recital if you are not willing to buy me an inexpensive bouquet. It’s just tradition.

28. You were always in trouble for trying to wear t-shirts or booty shorts to the barre

Sometimes it was sincerely cold; sometimes you just felt sincerely bloated.

29. The phrase "I can't. I have dance" is way too familiar

It was a valid excuse that could sincerely get you out of any after school activity.

30. Your feet will never be/look the same again

Hey, at least we have the ankle strength to walk in heels.

31. You've built life-long relationships with the girls from your studio

Even though saying goodbye at senior recital was hard, you knew you’d all still keep in touch.

32. You've never felt as beautiful as you did when you were on stage

To all non-dancers: It’s an indescribable feeling.

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