31st Annual Country Chili Cook-Off You Shouldn't Miss
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31st Annual Country Chili Cook-Off You Shouldn't Miss

Don't let this be the event that got away!

31st Annual Country Chili Cook-Off You Shouldn't Miss

"Don't want to wait 'til the sun's sinking
We could be feeling alright
I know you know what I'm thinking
Why don't we do a little day drinking
Why don't we do a little day drinking"

Well what better reason to do a little day drinking and get our country groove on than the 31st annual Country Chili Cook Off?

99.9 KISS Country is hosting yet another Country Chili Cook Off. It is an event for all ages and guaranteed fun (as long as you love country!) This event gives country lovers a chance to see many acts at once instead of individual concerts and makes it five times as much fun! Yes, there will be five hot country acts coming up on the Chili Cook Off.

Country Chili Cook Off is like a big family reunion where many country lovers unite to listen to the music they love best. Make it a tradition with your other country lover friends and/or family and go every year to see different, great acts of country come together to put on a great show!

This 31st annual Country Chili Cook Off's lineup will include some of our favorite country acts such as Little Big Town, Jake Owen, Chris Young, Dan + Shay and Maddie & Tae. The acts are very talented country singers and having all five great acts at once for this event is a true country lover's dream and it happens every year with just as great country acts!

This is an all-day event you do not want to miss if you like country music, so buy your tickets now!

"So I'm comin' over, runnin' every red light" to this rain or shine event!

Bring your country hats and boots and do not miss the 31st annual Country Chili Cook Off on the 31st of this month and be sure to dress cozy, as it will be a chilly day for us Floridians!

See you there!!

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