31 Ways to Keep On Procrastinating
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31 Ways to Keep On Procrastinating

If there's one thing I know about procrastinating, it's that we love to do it.

31 Ways to Keep On Procrastinating

Do you wait until the last minute to do everything? Do you hate being productive? Do you wish you could avoid your to-do list for forever? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably a procrastinator. And if there's one thing I know about procrastination, it's that we love to do it. So here are 31 different ways you can continue to procrastinate.

1. Teach yourself how to blow a bubble gum bubble

You could spend a decent half hour doing just that.

2. Figure out how long you can hold your breath

3. Facebook stalk that guy you once saw in the cafeteria and thought was cute

Should take you some time to find him, but I'm sure you will because women are like detectives with that sh*t.

4. Practice your autograph when you are famous

5. Wikipedia the most random thing you can think of

Like an avocado!

6. Learn the art of Origami

Who doesn't need a hundred of those paper swans lying around their room?

7. Attempt to finally get that six-pack

....of beer.

8. Teach yourself how to do the cup song

And then do it over, and over, and over again.

9. Build a blanket fort, like when you were a kid

10. Go sit in the grass and people watch

You might be surprised what you'll witness

11. Search for houses and apartments you could never afford in cities you'll never visit

12. Message your best friend from elementary school and tell her all about what you've been up to

13. Watch a YouTube makeup tutorial even though you can't afford half of the products used

14. Order a pizza

I mean, who doesn't love to eat pizza?!

15. Sort your closet by color and then realize you own way too many black items

16. Create a list of all the books you've always wanted to read, and then never read them

17. Look at old pictures from high school and reminisce on how much you hated everyone

18. Initiate a texting conversation using only emojis and see how long it lasts

19. Teach yourself to play Beethoven on the piano

20. Come up with a cool name for that mixtape you'll never drop

21. Try all the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors to see which one's your favorite

22. See if you can figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop

23. Write a song about the first thing that comes to your mind

...So, naturally, I wrote a song about d*ck.

24. Create a list of possible names for your future children

25. Paint each of your fingernails a different color

...And then remove it all because you look like a walking rainbow.

26. Pretend the floor in your room is lava

You're never too old for this one.

27. Go onto Google Earth and decide where you're going to build your future home

28. Binge watch Shark Tank

Be honest, you've done it before

29. Learn how to twerk

30. Re-Watch that one Netflix series you've already seen three different times

For me, it's The Office and FRIENDS.

31. Write out a To-Do list for the next two weeks

...And then decide you'll complete it later.

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