31 Thoughts You Have While Shopping For College
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31 Thoughts You Have While Shopping For College

Because the "quick trip" you planned almost always ends up taking over four hours.

31 Thoughts You Have While Shopping For College

I'm sure you're all more than aware that the school year is right around the corner. In a mere week or two, you will be on your own, so there is no time better than the present to stock up on all your back-to-school essentials. While you may walk into Target thinking you only need a few last minute things, there is a 99 percent chance you will leave with a cart filled to the absolute brim. On the surface, this phenomenon may be considered borderline shopaholic; however, the thought process we apply behind it truly justifies the madness that is preparing for college.

1. Okay, I really only need one or two things. This should take 20 minutes max.

2. I really should get two bottles of body wash instead of one because it has to last me a whole year, right?

3. Maybe three bottles, just in case.

4. I know I just bought new mascara but this one says it will TRIPLE my lash length...I need it.

5. Those sticky things to hang stuff on the walls are a must. I probably have five things to hang so I need at least five packs, maybe six to be safe.

6. I really like this pink lamp, but what if it clashes with my roommate's color scheme? Let me text her really quick.

7. I'm getting organized this year; that means my notebooks and folders have to color coordinate.

8. Even though I've gotten a new planner every year and stopped writing in it after a week, I'm gonna stick to it this year, I swear.

9. I'm not gonna want to write in it unless I have a matching pen. I'll get two because I may lose one

10. Sports bras are on sale? Better stock up now. I'm not going to have any time during the year, plus cute workout clothes are such great motivation to work out. This is definitely a worthy investment.

11. Since I'm moving into a new apartment, I should get a new lanyard for my key.

12. And a new wallet for my school ID. 13. But an empty wallet is lame, a few gift cards couldn't hurt.

14. I should get a few healthy snacks for my room, so I don't end up ordering drunk pizza every night.

15. Maybe a few unhealthy snacks too, you know, for emergencies.

16. It's going to be so hot out for the first few weeks, my hair is going to get SO frizzy. I should get some anti-frizz spray.

17. This leave-in conditioner has keratin in it so will probably help too.

18. My flat iron is getting pretty old too, a new one wouldn't hurt. My hair is going to look great on the first night out!

19. I better invest in some heat protectant though because it's already damaged enough.

20. Oh, look! I got my nails done last week and they have the exact same color here. It'll save money in the long run because now I'll just paint my nails instead of getting them done.

21. I should probably get one of those really long phone chargers. What if the outlet is like 10 feet from my bed?

22. Those bed risers with the outlets attached could do the trick.

23. What if my bed doesn't even fit the square bed risers, though?

24. I'll get the circular ones too. We can always return them.

25. Okay, I think that's everything, time for checkout!

26. I've always wanted one of those Chapstick eggs; I heard they're the best.

27. And there's a three-pack for only a dollar extra!

28. Wait, did she just say my total is $298?

29. Please tell me she made a mistake...

30. Please!

31. Well, at least this won't happen again until next year.

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