Do you want to know what I should be doing? Studying for finals. Want to know what I'm not doing? Studying for finals. Instead, I've found myself laying on the floor of my friend's bedroom while we all send each other different Buzzfeed quizzes in our group chat. Of course, we also have to send the results and compare. Here are some of the best one we all took for your procrastination needs.

3. Which "High School Musical" Song Sums Up Your Life RN?

My result: Bop to the Top (my FAVORITE)

12. What Role Do You Have In Your Friend Group?

My result: The Wild One (accurate)

16. Which CW Show Do You Belong In?

My result: The Vampire Diaries

20. Order Tacos And We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

My result: Cinderella

24. Here Are The Two "Friends" Characters You're Most Like

My result: Chandler and Phoebe (My friends said I'm a Joey and Monica)