30 Things Girls Must Do Before Prom
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30 Things Every Girl MUST Do Leading Up To Prom

It's that time of year again! HELLO PROM 2019!

30 Things Every Girl MUST Do Leading Up To Prom
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The best time of year is here- PROM Season! With this being my first very Prom, and with a distinctive passion for making lists, my excitement got the best of me and I decided to compile a list of all of the VERY important things a girl must do leading up the big day! Enjoy!

1. Spray Tan! 

2. Schedule Hair Appointment

3. Schedule Makeup Appointment 

4. Makeup Spree! (*Applies only to girls taking matters into their own hands and beating their own beautiful faces!)

5. Find the perfect date


7. Take some BOMB picture with balloons that spell "PROM" or "2019"

8. Get your nails done

9. Find the perfect dress!

10. Pick a house to get ready together with your friends at!

11. Make a schedule for the "Big Day"

12. Do daily face masks leading up to the big day

13. Go to the jewelry store and pick colorful jewelry that matches your fit!

14. Make a "Prom Board" on Pinterest 

15. Start collecting hair and makeup ideas

16. Make a Bucket List 

17. Plan a special Prom Weekend Trip

18. Plan a Pre-Prom party or picture-taking event!

19. Plan out where you're going for pictures with your date 

20. Decide if and where you want to stop for food before Prom! (The cutest Instagram Pics, on God!)

21. Do a makeup test run for the Big Day!

22. Go shoe shopping with the girls 

23. Go accessory shopping with Mamas! 

24. Invite family over for pictures!

25. Plan a Prom Playlist for the car ride! (Can totally be utilized for the drive down to Prom Weekend, too!)

26. Plan a post-Prom dinner or party!

27. Write "Prom 2019" on the bottom of your heels as a little memory for the future. (DONT WORRY! Nobody will see the bottoms when you re-wear the shoes...)

28. Take off of work for the Big Day!! (It's so easy to forget- but you do NOT want the stress of trying to find coverage for a Friday or Saturday night!)

29. Make a photo collage of how you plan your entire look/color/theme to look altogether! (Pic Collage is great app for this.)

30. ENJOY!!! Take pics, laugh a bunch, eat good food,dance your butt off, and feel beautiful. But- do NOT forget to live in the moment and enjoy this once in a lifetime night!

One day, funnily enough, we will be looking back on Prom 2019 and thinking back to all of our awesome high school memories. Remember to stay safe this Prom season, and enjoy yourself. Live in the moment- don't forget that the high school years will go by quick. Enjoy them while you can and make memories that are sure to last a life time!

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