30 Summer Bucketlist Items Everyone Should Do

30 Summer Bucketlist Items Everyone Should Do

Make this the best summer ever by following this summer bucketlist.

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Summer is a time for action, a time to try new things that you haven't done before. So with that being said, I've created a bucketlist of 30 items that everyone can do this summer. My challenge to you is to actually try to accomplish 10 of this items. Have fun!

1. Go on a weekend road trip

2. Have a picnic with friends

3. Let go of a floating lantern

4. Travel First Class

5. Go paintballing

6. Leave a positive note on someone's windshield

7. Go to a drive-in movie theater

8. Have a backyard BBQ

9. Have a water balloon fight

10. Actually do 10 thingss on this bucket list

11. Write a letter to yourself and open it at the end of summer

12. Carve your name on a tree

13. Play twister with paint

14. Go camping with all of your friends

15. See a play at the theaters

16. Send a message in a bottle

17. Ride a jet ski

18. Volunteer at a children's hospital

19. Go kayaking

20. Get lunch from a food truck

21. Read 3 books

22. Go to a farmers market

23. Explore a new town or city

24. Try 5 new restaurants

25. Have a staycation

26. Ride a Ferris wheel

27. Have a bonfire

28. Take a picture everyday for a month

29. Start scrapbooking

30. Go horseback riding

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