30 Songs To Add To Your Rainy Day Playlist

Rainy day? Got the blues? Finals getting you down? Need new, calming music to listen to? Every so often we need to update our playlists. They change with the seasons: holiday music, finals music, rainy days, summer jam sessions. Finding which new songs can listen to can take time. Don’t worry; here are 30 of the best songs to relax to!

1. "Work Song" by Hozier

2. "Wasted" by MKTO

3. "Ridin Solo" by Hippie Sabotage

4. "Nikki" by Logic

5. "Coffee" by Miguel

6. "Flawless" by the Neighbourhood

7. "Hold Me Down" by Halsey

8. "Bittersweet Tragedy" by Melanie Martinez

9. "Human" by Jon Bellion

10. "High By The Beach" by Lana Del Rey

11. "Greetings From California" by The Neighbourhood

12. "Polaroid" by Imagine Dragons

13. "Medicine" by Daughter

14. "Soar" by Teddy

15. "Not In That Way" by Sam Smith

16. "Killing You" by Broods

17. "The Funeral" by Band of Horses

18. "Walk On By" By by Noosa

19. "Dear Diary" by Broken Anchor

20. "Coloring" by Kevin Garrett

21. "Hurricane" by Mister Wives

22. "IDFC" by Blackbear

23. "Never Did" by Perfume Genius

24. "This Place is a Prison" by the Postal Service

25. "Clipping" by Mutemath

26. "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Ellish

27. "Melting" by Kid Cudi

28. "Sleep Baby Sleep" by Broods

29. "Shame" by the Avett Brothers

30. "Tell Her You Love Her" by Echosmith

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