Out of all the things in life that are better than having a boy in your life, wine takes the cake. There's no question as to why we would rather cuddle up next to a big bottle of Barefoot after a long day, but here are just a few reminders:

1. You can tell wine your deepest darkest secrets.

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2. It will always be there to comfort you after a bad day.

3. It won't blow you off for guys night.

4. Or "forget" to text you back.

5. If you don't like how it tastes, you don't have to finish it off...

6. ...but usually we do anyway.

7. It helps you sleep.

8. You can share wine with your friends.

9. It will make you feel classy.

10. Even if you're drinking the cheapest kind.

11. It comes in boxes.

12. It's not something that's hard to find.

13. And when you run out, you can always buy more.

14. It's good for your heart.

15. It understands you completely.

16. You can enjoy it on the go.

17. You never have to tell wine no.

18. Or that it was the "best you've ever had."

19. It doesn't care when you're on your period.

20. Or when you're sad.

21. Or when you want to be weird.

22. You can try as many different types as you like without being judged for it.

23. Drinking wine is a useful hobby.

24. It makes any situation better.

25. It will never confuse you or make you question your sanity.

26. It's the best form of bribery.

27. And it's always acceptable to bring to a party.

28. Wine gets better with age.

29. And it will never stop being there for you.

30. Wine will set you free.