The end of the school year is approaching quickly. For some, it's exciting. For others, it's terrifying. For some, it's a little sad leaving your friends. For everyone, there are dozens of questions running through your head about finals, the summer, next year. Here are just a small sampling of those questions:

1. When's the final for this class?

2. Where did all my pencils go?

3. What do I have to get on this?

4. Where am I going to live next year?

5. What if the dorm I live in next year is even further than the one I live in now?

6. When will I ever see my friends next year?

7. Will I get to see them this summer?

8. Should I get a new job for this summer?

9. Do I have to get an internship for this summer?

10. Wait, this internship isn't paid?

11. How does one get a paid internship?

12. How did she get that internship?

13. Do I have to get my books for next fall in June?

14. Or can I wait until mid-August?

15. Should I take a road trip this summer?

16. Should I take a road trip with friends?

17. Will we still be friends after that?

18. When do I have to start thinking about next semester?

19. What classes did I sign up for again?

20. What if I forgot how to study over break?

21. Should I do some reading over the summer to get back into the school mood?

22. What if I forget how to get up early?

23. How am I out of notebook paper?

24. How am I out of printing money?

25. Do I get a study guide for this final?

26. Is this final cumulative?

27. Did I turn in all the homework for this class?

28. Are there participation points for this class?

29. How hard will this final actually be?

And finally:

30. Where did this year go?