30 Ways To Spring Break Without Breaking The Bank
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30 Ways To Spring Break Without Breaking The Bank

Don't worry, it's all budget-friendly

30 Ways To Spring Break Without Breaking The Bank

For fellow students, Spring Break has already started or is about to start. Pollen is in the air, bees and other buzzing bugs are zooming about, the sun is bright and beautiful in the warming blue sky, and people are making plans for another epic, fun break. But don't worry, not everything has to be money blowing, here's a few ideas for those that still want to stay in the range of their budget for a girls' night out or that special someone.

1. Playground Adventures

Take a trip to a local playground and spend time being a kid again, swinging and sliding down the twisted slides.

2. Toss around a Frisbee

Maybe at the same park if you want.

3. Play Kickball

Gather all your friends for a little competition.

4. Go Dancing

There's got to be a bar or some event going on where you can go swing dancing, square dancing, or whatever you're in the mood for.

5. BBQ

Whoever has a grill, provide the meat and let friends bring sides for a little backyard BBQ shindig.

6. Hit up local Yard Sales

You might just find some really cool, cheap things you were not expecting.

7. Arcade

Bring out those "Stranger Things" vibes and turn over couch cushions and your car for some change to master your gaming skills at a local arcade.

8. Take a Trip to a local National Park

Or any nature trail for a some hiking or chilling in the wild.

9. Pick Flowers

Even on that same nature trip, see who can pick the best flowers for a center piece at the kitchen table.

10. Farmers Market

Go pick some nice, fresh vegetables and fruits from a local farm or Farmers Market near you.

11. Go bird watching

And when you can't find any, or get bored, bring out the kites for your own sense of flying.

12. Rock Hunting

Look around near your neighborhood for cool rocks, take them home, rinse them off, and paint them for cute decorations.

13. Cheer at a Local School Event

Go to your old high school for a baseball game or other events, then cheer them on as loud as you can.

14. Have a Picnic

Make your own food from home and find a nice chill spot for a peaceful afternoon.

15. Go to a Local Library

Spend a day looking at some interesting books, movies, even take some work that you might need to get done.

16.Crappy Movie Night

Look through the $5 section at Wal-Mart and get some candy from the $1 bin and stay up all night watching movies.

17. Make Ice Cream

Look up some easy ways to make your own ice cream and have fun making it with a buddy who would actually eat it with you.

18. Breakfast for Dinner

Either make a cute little meal for you and your special someone, or take a late night trip to Waffle House or another cheap breakfast place.

19. Boozy Popsicles

Just like the ice cream, look up some ways to create a great way to enjoy your favorite alcohol drinks.

20. At Home Car Wash

On a nice warm day, treat your car for a nice car wash, even get you boo to come over and do each other's car.

21. DIY Spring Crafts

Scroll through Pinterest for cute ideas to make things out of stuff laying around your house, like a wreath, or other spring-ish items.

22. Amusement Park

Look for deals, specials, and coupons to take a trip to a local amusement park, or take a group of friends for a day.

23. Window Shopping/ Flea Market

You don't even have to buy anything. Have fun trying things on you would never buy or wear, or hit up a local flea market for deals on things you like.

24. Take a Walk

Go to a local city, or down town area and walk your dog with a friend and their dog.

25. Pool Party

Have a get together at someone's pool possibly with a boom box, or take a trip to a lake.

26. Bond Fire

One nice night call everyone up for a burning of things, and let everyone bring a snack or drinks.

27. Make Smoothies

Use those fruits and veggies that you bought for a healthy snack.

28. DIY Face Masks

Go buy $1 face masks, or look up how to make your own and do them with someone. Even take pictures and post them for others to enjoy.

29. Blanket Fort

Look for some old Christmas lights and put them up around your blanket fort. Bring out the kid you with childhood movies.

30. Netflix Binge

Buy your favorite Girl Scout cookies and decide with someone what show you guys will binge watch that day.

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