30 Feelings Everyone In Musical Theatre Will Recognize

Musical theatre is a lifestyle that sucks you in immediately. If you know one show, you can’t get enough of the rest of the genre. Whether you're onstage, backstage or in the audience, there's a magic in the air and everyone can appreciate it. It doesn't matter if you love the music, the plot, the costumes or the choreography-- Broadway is its own world and it feels wonderful to be a part of it.

My go-to road trip playlist is 80% musical theatre, and I love singing along with my friends. I have been in musicals since I was in third grade and, while I took a short hiatus when I first got to college, I recently started getting involved again with the neighboring university's theatre program. Musical theatre has helped me make so many friends over the years and develop my confidence, as well as my performing abilities.

Discovering a new musical

Becoming obsessed with the music

When it wins a Tony (or several)

Looking at you, Hamilton

When the show you're obsessed with doesn't win the Tony that you think they deserve

Newsies was amazing and it deserved all the Tonys

Finding out what show your local company is going to be putting on this year

And even if you know it by heart already, you still go back and research everything about it

Wishing you could sing like your favorite performer

Hearing a new-comer on an album and being floored by their voice

I wish Aaron Tveit could sing me to sleep every night

Reminiscing the Golden Age of Broadway music

Rodgers and Hammerstein knew what they were doing

But loving the diversity of music in Contemporary Musical Theatre

Finding someone else who loves the same obscure musical you do

When someone else introduces you to a new musical

Where has this been all my life?

Walking into an audition

When the cast list comes out

And everyone celebrates and congratulates each other, because the theatre community is the best definition of family I've ever known.

When you get the part you wanted

When you get a part you didn't want

But knowing you're going to end up falling in love with your character by the end of production

And you know the director was right to cast you in that role and not the one you wanted

When you get your absolute dream role

Learning choreography

Learning difficult harmonies

Why would someone write four-part harmony for men so high?

Memorizing lines

Working with someone new

Working with someone you’ve worked with forever

Cast bonding

When someone continually messes up one part of a song

When they finally get it right!

When someone turns one of the lines into a crude joke

Come on, we're all adults here

When a musical references another musical

Again, looking at you, Hamilton.

When someone in the cast references a show the company has done before

When the show is a mess and you open in a week

But it all magically comes together

Get out there and discover some new Broadway shows!

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