30 Date Night Ideas That Are Out Of The Ordinary
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30 Date Night Ideas That Are Out Of The Ordinary

Here is a list of out of the ordinary date ideas for the next time you and your boo are deciding where you should go

30 Date Night Ideas That Are Out Of The Ordinary

There are so many other date ideas than just going to the movies, or going out to dinner. Here is a list of date ideas to do the next time you're deciding where you and your boo should go:

1. The Arcade

2. Laser tag

3. Mini Golfing

4. Hiking

5. Have a picnic instead of going to a restaurant

6. Thrift shopping/find garage, yard, and estate sales

7. Crash an office party for a company that neither of you work for

8. Take a cooking class

9. Renaissance fair/Seafood fest

10. Outdoor concerts

11. Rodeo

12. Road trip

13. Zoo/Aquarium

14. Monster truck show

15. An amusement park/water park

16. Make up your own game (involving alcohol or not)

17. Costco sample day (it's free!!!)

18. Tell jokes and try not to laugh. First person to laugh loses.

19. Have a date day/night scavenger hunt ... instead of checking off the things on your list, take pictures of the adventure you go on as keepsakes.

20. Visit an open house like you are interested in buying it and just look around. (BONUS: sometimes they have free snacks!!)

21. Use fake names, go to a different city/state, eat at a place you have never been to before and use those fake names.

22. Have a water balloon/water gun fight but replace the water with paint. *** My personal favorite

23. Take sidewalk chalk and walk around your town drawing on the sidewalks and walls. (PLEASE BE MATURE ABOUT WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE DRAWING AND WRITING)

24. Play car tag

25. Car karaoke .. make a playlist to sing off of (it helps if one or both of you has a Spotify account or something similar) / another idea, flip through the stations and one person picks a station and whatever song is playing, the other person has to sing that song in the most ridiculous way possible.

26. Go fishing

27. Find the closest drive-in movie (yes they are still a thing - the closest one to me in NJ is in PA) and go. open the trunk to your car and make a makeshift bed with pillows and blankets in it and enjoy a movie under the stars.

28. Play tourist in your own town. Find one of the cheesiest attractions near you that you both are too proud to admit that you have wanted to do and go do it and have a damn good time doing it too.

29. Build a blanket fort and set it up inside with blankets and pillows and snacks. Turn the lights off in the house and use a flash light to tell scary stories.

30. Go camping in your own backyard ... who doesn't love the outdoors but with the luxury of plumbing?!

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