Chrimbus, that special word. It symbolizes the ignition of happiness within our darkest seasonal days. The fuel used to power this engine of family warmth? Mince pies, music, movies, presents, hugs, board games and the gathering of family, whether they like it or not.

That short list above compiles but a fraction of the more commonly known Chrimbus nomenclature. This week, I'm digging a little deeper and finding out other ways for you to enjoy your Chrimbus.

Tap People on the Shoulder and Breathe in Their Ear.

What's a feature of winter that most people don't like? I'll give you a clue, it's a fridge's job to provide it constantly. That's right: the cold.

If you've seen me walking about the streets, foraging for acorns, then you'll have noticed two things:

1) That I'm great at foraging for acorns, especially in urban environments.

2) That I could light up a dungeon with how red my ears are.

Though that first point is impressive, the second point is definitely more worrying. It's not just me that suffers from this, there are thousands every day who fail to by headwear appropriate for cold weather.

So, if you see your uncle Rick sitting there with the embers of the fire reflecting immaculately off his bald head, then give him a little tap on the shoulder and a warm breath on his ear. He'll thank you for it.

Make Eye Contact for Way too Long

Shit, the milk! Better run to the shop. Thank god, these guys don't celebrate Chrimbus so they're still open. OK, green top, that's what I need. OK, time to pay.

At this point, to get the Chrimbus cheer stirred up in the stale corner shop, hand the shop keeper your money and look into his eyes. He'll start to feel the Chrimbus vibe when he looks up from the till and you're still staring right at his pupils. He says things, but you don't respond. A woman enters the shop and he tries to serve her. She taps you on the shoulder and you whip your head around to look at her eyes.

Half an hour later your family are still wondering where you are with the milk.

Offer the Homeless Packs of Salted Peanuts in Jam Jars

Chrimbus is a really fun day for most people, but I can imagine that it's pretty crap for a lot of homeless people who aren't allowed in any of the buildings.

Buy some own-brand salted peanuts from anywhere. Empty out thirty jars of jam into a big tub. Wash the jam jars. Stick the peanuts inside the jam jars and screw the lids back on. Now shove all those jars into a bag, put a Santa's hat on and spread the joy around your town centre.

Once you're all tired and hungry from the Chrimbus work, go home and relax in your freshly made tub of jam.

So there you go, some alternative ideas to add a bit of pazazz to your Chrimbus self. Merry Chrimbus, one and all.