Maybe you’ve returned to campus from spring break feeling more refreshed than ever before! Maybe you now have a nice tan and escaped to warmer weather, only to dread coming back to the chilly days. Or maybe you stayed home and spent much needed time with your family and friends, eating as many home-cooked meals as you possibly could!

No matter where your spring break took you, it can be hard to drag yourself back to campus after a nice, long break. It can be even more difficult to get through the last few months of the semester. (After all, the term "Spring Semester Slump" exists for a reason.) However, these are just a few ideas to keep in mind to help make these difficult, upcoming weeks more bearable.

1. Warm weather is coming.

I don’t know about you, but warmer weather always makes my days brighter.

You don’t have to bundle up before heading to class and you won’t be freezing cold by the time you step outside. While it may be tough to head inside for your lecture, at least you won’t have to dread the walk to your lecture anymore. (Not to mention, the sun will soon be out until 7 PM and no longer will you have to walk back from your evening class in the dark!)

Not only that, but you can spend the nice days doing your homework outside instead of being stuck in the library all day. So, pack some snacks, grab a cute towel and a friend, and start studying outside instead of in the library!

2. We’re in the final stretch of classes.

Congratulations, we’re halfway done the spring semester! The biggest thing that separates us from days at the beach is finals.

We’re officially nearing the end of our syllabuses and turning to the last page of the course calendar our professors created for us. We’re starting the last few units of a class, finishing the last set of quizzes and homework assignments before the final.

Plus, there are only a few more weeks of classes left and while it may seem like a lot now, it’s truly not a whole lot in the long-run. You managed to get through the entire fall semester AND half of the spring semester! So, I know you can conquer this final half!

3. Flowers are beginning to bloom.

While we are approaching the rainy month of April, it may be easy to find ourselves in that “Spring Semester Slump” I mentioned earlier. However, I always try to keep in mind the cliche saying, "April showers bring May flowers." It, personally, helps remind me that the sunny days are coming and days of rain showers are worth it in the end.

As cheesy as it is, seeing flowers and trees bloom on campus always brighten my day. It reminds me of how the campus looked at the beginning of the fall semester, before the stress kicked in, and reinforces that idea that we’re almost to the end.

So, take some time out of your day and step away from studying to go on a walk or a hike. Take time to recognize the little things—like the flowers and blooming trees—because it can truly help lift your spirits.

It can be hard not to get caught up in the stress of the spring semester. After all, there will be a few rainy days in a row and a series of exams all on the same day. That’s inevitable, but it’s important to take a minute and remind yourself that you’re almost done. Summer is right around the corner! And always remember, you got this!