For many college students, the prospects of entering your twenties mean one more year before finally being able to go to bars, drink, and finally having the opportunity to actually feel like an adult. But, for many other college students entering your twenties is a whole scary prospect with actually coming to the reality that you are close to entering the real world, and your teen years are finally over. Entering your twenties could be a scary thing, but if you enter it prepared it's not as bad as it may feel or seem.

These 3 things will prepare you for your twenties.

1. Get rid of all the drama in your life

Entering your twenties means leaving your teen years behind. Resolve any drama you had with people in the past or forgive the people who created drama for you. Learn to act like an adult because you're gonna be one soon.

2. Understand what is right and wrong for your life

Your twenties are a time where your decisions may affect you for a lifetime. It's necessary to understand yourself and create decisions that benefit you and build you rather than push you back. This could mean deciding on the right career choice, choosing the right people around you, or any decision that could impact you.

3. Stop trying to prove things to people and start proving things for yourself

In your teen years, many individuals may have done things to prove they are a certain way or to uphold a certain image. It's necessary that you stop living for other peoples opinions about yourself, and start doing things that prove you are capable for yourself.

Your twenties can be a scary time for people, but once you start growing up, its necessary you begin to understand that the way you think and the actions you create can benefit or hurt you in the long run.