Whenever you go on a trip you always want somewhere good to eat. You don't normally want fast food since you can get that at home. Local cuisine is where its at. Tulsa may not be the tourist capital of the world but it helps to know a few good places to eat anyway. That being said I present to you: 3 Places You Must Try if You're In Tulsa.

1. James E. McNellie's

McNellie's is a pub located at 401 E 1st street in downtown Tulsa. It has a classic pub feel with a huge bar and a delicious menu. McNellie's has traditional food options like Caesar salads or Ruben sandwiches, as well as more unique options like Landlord's Cottage Pie or Open Faced Chili Cheese Burger. A common theme throughout McNellie's menu is beer. Beer House Chili, Irish Lunch Special served with Guinness, and Guinness marinated beef tips are just a few of the meals that involve beer. Not to mention their bar is huge. The food is fairly priced and the place has good vibes throughout. If you're looking for some good hearty food in Tulsa McNellie's is the place to be.

2. Naples Flatbread

Naples Flatbread is a "pizza" joint in downtown Tulsa next to the BOK center. They do serve pizza but they also serve many other things, including their specialty, flatbreads. Flatbreads are basically pizzas but smaller and oval shaped. Besides those two differences (and being cheaper than pizzas), flatbreads and pizzas are one and the same. They serve other food too like salads and burgers, but honestly who goes to a pizza joint for burgers? They also have a full bar for those who can partake. There is one small issue of it being downtown. If you've never been to downtown Tulsa, congratulations you're missing a nightmarish layout. If you can find a parking spot I'd highly recommend trying out this awesome pizza place.

3. Desi Wok

I know Indian food can be a hit or miss sometimes but this place is awesome. A little pricey with their cheapest meal being about $13, it will definitely be worth it. The portions they give is fitting for its price tag. The food is also pretty good. If you're looking for spice then I'd say be careful. A person who went with me and likes really spicy food asked for it to be spicy and found that to be a mistake. Even my food, which I specifically asked for no spice since I'm a wimp, had a kick to it.

So if you're ever in Tulsa and someone asks "Where should we go to eat?" you can blow their mind with your culinary knowledge.