3 Reasons Why "The Uncharted Series" Is The Best Group Of Action Movies Of This Decade
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3 Reasons Why "The Uncharted Series" Is The Best Group Of Action Movies Of This Decade

And they aren't even movies.

3 Reasons Why "The Uncharted Series" Is The Best Group Of Action Movies Of This Decade

The Uncharted series has dominated the action genre of video games for almost the past decade. They are backed by none other than the video game development company Naughty Dog.

You are probably more familiar with them through their classic platformers such as Jak, Daxter, and Crash Bandicoot, which surely delighted the childhood of most 90s babies. Recently, they have decided to switch over from platforming games to incredibly cinematic action experiences. Uncharted is the poster child of this era of Naughty Dog's video games. This Indiana Jones-inspired action extravaganza of a series is filled with intense shootouts, intricate puzzles, emotional moments, and...history. It certainly sounds like many of this year's summer blockbusters. The Uncharted series is worlds better because you are a part of the excitement. You are not only a spectator watching these events unfold. Controller in hand, you have the power to move along the story. You are just as important as the characters on the screen.

Uncharted 4, the recently released last installment, only adds onto the excitement of the earlier installments. Here are a couple amazing aspects of Uncharted 4 that make it the best movie of 2016.

1. The Uncharted series has always been ahead of its time graphically.

Ever since the first Uncharted in 2007 on the PS3, the game has always pushed the envelope to deliver the best graphics of that time.

And they still hold up to this day.

The recently released Uncharted 4 has stepped the graphic game up a thousand notches. Being the first game in the series delivered on the PS4, your eyes will be treated to a feast. It all looks like a live-action movie!

The graphics are absolutely stunning and definitely rival real life. While playing the game, you will surely have to take a small break from the shootouts and the takedowns to just take time and enjoy the view.

2. The characters are dynamic.

Other main characters from video games may seem one dimensional and boring, but with the Uncharted series, it's entirely different.

There isn't just one word that describes the main character, Nathan Drake. He isn't just a treasure hunter; he has morals, intuitions, and an incredibly deep back story. It's easy to dive it and relate to him in one way or another.

The supporting characters are just as realistic, holding their own in the elaborate adventures of Uncharted. There is surely something for everyone here.

3. The humor always hits home.

A video game that has a good sense of humor comes along every once in a blue moon, but Uncharted is surely an exception. The characters have great comedic timing and can always lighten the mood when things get either too emotional or too intense.

Here are some of the most hilarious lines from the series.

The Uncharted series is consistently great in a world of different aspects. From the incredible graphics to the likable characters to the sharp humor, the series proves time and time again that it is a cinematic experience that everyone should experience at least once. Game after game it only gets better and ups the ante in every aspect. Uncharted 4 does just that and ends the series in a smash. When was the last time you watched a regular action movie series that was that consistent, sequel after sequel? I'll wait.

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