With journals filling up with resolutions for the new year, everyone seems to be rooting to be better in someway, whether through dieting, stopping procrastination or simply being more active. Resolutions represent what one wants to be in life; however, it is difficult to follow through and truly accomplish new goals that require not only a change of actions, but also a change of perspective. How can one then be a successful person without changing too much?

1. See life as a competition without a winner.

To be a successful person, perspective must be changed. Without motivation, dedication, or any driving force behind the motive, there is no purpose for change. One must see life with constant fluidity; there is never one person at the top, but climbing the steps to reach the top is nothing but possible. Not a day should pass without taking either a big or small step. The fear of irrefutable failure and downgrade of reputation would thus be the driving force behind a successful person. The competition of life would ultimately not result in achieving the best of the world but rather finding the satisfaction in the effort exerted into each and every situation. Although there will never be a winner in the competition of life, human greed for wealth, fame and power will subconsciously reveal the path to success, only with the correct mindset.

2. Don't quit before the miracle happens.

In other words, do not be afraid of change. Albeit scary at first, a positive note always emerges at one point. The more a situation changes, the more prone one is to negative thoughts associated with something unfamiliar, creating a fear bubble that then corresponds to all things new. However, this change of perspective brings about a new idea: all things would then be negative as those things are foreign ideas, thus making any change the new negative idea as negativism becomes positivism over time.

A mouthful of confusing words, yes, but logically, nothing can stay positive and negative forever; therefore, change should not be feared rather embraced. Ultimately, take all opportunities as they come. Would it not be tragic for one to quit five minutes before the miracle happens?

3. Open Mind, Open Heart

Open mindedness is the key to development, which ultimately brings change for the better through experience and finally success. Being open to ideas exposes the mind to diverse and contradicting information, which can serve to test judgement and decision making. Analyses of other ideas can be fused to create a better idea then the prior, as so often said, "Two brains are better than one." Taking varying ideas from different creators allows one to see the causes and results, determining the final product based on previous success rate. For example, see it like a super-scored SAT. Take the best from each section to create of the best of all sections, which equals, success.

Take the chance to start fresh with 2018, and keep thoughts straight and determined. Satisfaction will come in a blink of an eye. Good luck. Each step starts with you.