It's Time To Swipe Left On Your Toxic Relationships

Spring clean your life this season by making yourself a priority. Its easy in our every day life to get caught up in the moment and let ourselves stay surrounded around those toxic energies. Maybe we spent most of our winter inside hiding under the blankets and just blamed the cold, winter weather for their behavior. Well, spring is in the air and its time to yank off that blanket you have been hiding underneath and address to them how you feel. Don't waste another three months around someone that makes you feel like cr*p. The sun is out and you should join it shinning like the ray of sunshine they have been controlling that inside of you.

Its not easy to leave abusive relationships, the physical and the emotional. You keep telling yourself that they will change and chances are they do get better. They do get better for some time and become that person you remember falling in love with. But something triggers and you are back to square one. Back to being the face behind the fist of strength or words. Getting out of these type of relationships are hard and can be dangerous. So, reach out to support systems near you for help. You shouldn't have to go through this alone.

Its important to realize friendships can grow toxic as well. Growing up we have heard our parents always telling us, "Don't hang out with people who do drugs...drink...skip school." However, we often lacked to hear, "Don't hang out with people who talk bad about others to you...tease you...use you for your things." Friendships can turn toxic, just like any relationship. Its important to remember what your value is in relationships and that you are giving just as much as your receiving.

Toxic relationships don't just end. You need to take control. You have all the power to swipe left and never see them again. With Spring in the air, take time to remember your value and put yourself first. Read a book, do some art or binge watch a new Netflix television series. Having nobody around you is better then having toxic energy. Celebrate the amazing qualities that you have that been suppressed underneath a sheet of darkness. Be selfish and love yourself, rather then waiting for someone else to.

Spring is in the air. Start spring cleaning all that toxic energy and swiping right on the negativity that comes your way.

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