Everyone has a best friend that they can completely be themselves with. This friendship is one that will never fade because they will always be there for you: in the good times, the bad times, and everything in-between. You can be as weird as possible without the consequences of judgement. You both love each other and sometimes, announce that you are friendship goals! Here're 28 times you and your best friend were goals af:

1) Staying on FaceTime even after one of you falls asleep

2) Filling one another in on the juicy gossip at each other's schools

3) Planning sleepovers back to back

4) Sharing a bed and not feeling weird about it

And shoving one another over when they cross onto your side of the bed.

5) Ordering the most unhealthy meals together

Matching Wendy's orders or Five Guy's burgers. Either one works!

6) Summer time means driving around with the windows down and the most obnoxious music blasting

7) Complaining to one another about being single

8) Then complaining that this one guy won't leave you alone

9) Giving each other hope when life's got you down

10) Laughing so hard you both snort

And then laughing even harder because you snorted.

11) Practicing makeup looks on one another

12) Buying unnecessary gifts just because you thought of them

13) Giving each other clothes/items you don't use anymore

14) Just being insanely weird together

No one else will ever understand.

15) Scary movie date nights

16) Staying up late to help with assignments

17) You're always excited to see one another, even if you did just see each other 2 days ago

18) You always manage to call one another when one of you is in the bathroom, and even then you don't hang up

19) No matter how bad the fight, you can never stay mad at each other for too long

20) You can communicate with weird noises

21) Texting in all caps even when it's not that important

22) Driving around aimlessly just to talk

23) "I have to fart.... I did it."

24) Fangirling over hot celebrities together

25) Hitting each other in the boob, which causes war

26) Going to the gym together #tbt cause we don't go anymore

27) Your definition of a hang out is staying in bed and watching hours of Youtube videos together

28) Always being there for each other, unconditionally

Shoutout to my bestie, Tori! Thank you for being weird with me :)