27 Things All Marylanders Can Relate To
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27 Things All Marylanders Can Relate To

Crab Cakes and Football. Thats's what Maryland does.

27 Things All Marylanders Can Relate To

1.) Old Bay belongs on everything

Whether it is put on crabs, fries or even some steamed veggies, only Marylanders know the struggle of running out of Baltimore's seasoning.

2.) Mother Nature has no idea what she is doing

One day you can be outside tanning, contemplating whether or not to do your homework, but there's no need to worry because within 24 hours the snow will roll in and school's will be canceled.

3.) Maryland has the largest amount of prestigious and celebrated college lacrosse teams

College Park and Loyola lax bro's sure know what they're doing!

4.) There are beaches, mountains and everything in between.

All within a short drive, you can visit the beach, mountains and city life without having to travel far or out of state.

5.) Next door neighbors M&T Bank and Camden Yards are year round past times

Most Marylanders are die-hard Ravens and Orioles fans, so don't even try to tell us your team is better (Even if they are).

6.) Crabs, crabs and more crabs.

7.) You don't sing the national anthem without screaming "OHHHH"

This is not meant in an offensive way at all, it has just become a tradition for Baltimore sports, especially Baseball.

8.) Ocean City a.k.a "Ocean Shitty" becomes home for the summer and senior week

No matter how much we complain about how dirty the sand and water may be, we will never stop going.

9.) And wild nights at H20...

We all thought we were so cool going to foam parties, highlighter parties whatever parties at H20 in Ocean City. We thought wrong.

10.) Being able to brag that All Time Low is from our state


11.) Seacrets and Sunset Cove are frequently visited once warm weather hits

12.) Federal Hill...need I say more

13.) Drinking Natty Boh whether you like the taste or not

14.) "Hon" isn't just a term of endearment for your loved one

15.) The 410 or DMV have potentially been a part of your Instagram bio at some point or another

16.) You own at least one item with the Maryland Flag on it

17.) Knowing exactly who Cal Ripken Jr. is and possibly driving past his castle of a house multiple times

He's like Maryland's, real life version of Captain America.

18.) Baltimore nightlife


19.) Finally getting off 95 after rush hour

YES! There is no greater accomplishment.

20.) A good amount of people attended or are attending Towson University (or College Park)

Go, Tigers!

21.) Utz Chips are the Clutch Chips

22.) Miracle on 34th Street is more than a movie

23.) Relying on Bob Turk to tell us the weekly weather forecast

WJZ's little jingle always getting stuck in your head once the news comes on

24.) We all know what this squiggly blue line is...

25.) Baltimore's Artsy Side

Between Artscape and The Light City Festival, Baltimore has a great way of showing it's love for the arts.

26.) Explaining to "out-of-staters" what Berger cookies are

BERGER, not burger

27.) We are home to greatest Olympian of all time; Michael Phelps

He has a record breaking amount of 23 gold medals and a whopping total of 28 medals altogether.

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