27 Signs You're From The San Fernando Valley

The basic definition of The San Fernando Valley is a place where people love Soul Cycle but aren’t hip enough to live near one. The Valley is hot, dry, and fairly boring. Sure you live in Los Angeles, but do you really? Everything cool to do is at least a 30 minute drive away, and that doesn’t include the traffic surrounding you. If you live in The Valley, you can probably identify with a majority of the following things. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re from The Valley, take a look at the list below because these are 27 sure signs that you are!

  1. You know the 101 is actually worse than the 405.
  2. It takes a whole 10 minutes to get an Uber.
  3. You’ve driven alongside horses and have had to slam on your breaks at some point so as not to hit them.
  4. No matter where you are, there’s always an In-N-Out 5 minutes away.
  5. School has been canceled for “fire days”.
  6. There’s not enough water and it never rains.
  7. It’s always 10 degrees hotter than the rest of LA.
  8. No, not Simi Valley. We’re the cooler valley.
  9. You’re scared of driving to the West Side because it’s always rush hour over there.
  10. You didn’t understand why people over the age of 7 went to Castle Park until you were one of them.
  11. You’ve seen celebrities at random grocery stores and restaurants.
  12. Oh, you didn’t mean the Aroma Café in Encino?
  13. A large number of girls think that they’re models and/or bikini designers.
  14. And a large number of guys think that they’re too famous for you because of their 5k Instagram followers.
  15. You’ve been on a date at the Galleria.
  16. The AMC was your middle school hangout spot.
  17. You’ve been caught in a horrifying windstorm.
  18. You don’t actually live very close to the beach, so when you do go, it’s an all-day ordeal.
  19. Shout out to The 818. The Youtube series, not the area code.
  20. Whether you live north or south of the boulevard, it can make or break you.
  21. You always run into someone you know at the Topanga Mall.
  22. What is public transportation?
  23. You’re never bothered by tourists because there’s no sight-seeing around here.
  24. Burbank > LAX.
  25. You’re not totally sure what stars look like.
  26. People from out-of-town are underwhelmed when they visit and you don't live in a mansion off of Sunset.
  27. You probably went to school with a couple of people who got their own reality shows or became super models.

The Valley is a wonderful little bubble, but if you do decide to travel outside of it, be careful. It’s a whole other world out there.

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