Let me start off with a disclaimer: I love my campus.

Sam Houston State University is a wonderful school that's provided me with an amazing degree plan to prepare myself for the future. I even moved across the country to be here.

It's a breathtakingly beautiful campus that has a ton of opportunities to have fun and build a resume. It also has some pretty peaceful study spots to for students to kickback and clear their minds. It's the best of both worlds.

However, there are some curiosities about SHSU that puzzle me, as well as other students. So, I asked around and compiled a list of questions that have crossed our minds so far this past semester.

Here's what's been racking all our brains for the last couple months:

1. When will the construction near the rec center be finished?

2. How do I exit the library parking lot without scraping the underside of my car?

3. Speaking of parking, can we clarify when it's free?

4. Why do departments say it's free after 5PM, but we're still receiving tickets?

5. Who are those spaces reserved for after 5PM?

6. Why is financial aid always experiencing a "high volume of calls?"

7. Could the services in the Estill building be open past 5PM?

8. Why is 5PM the deadline for so many things?

9. Why was the fountain green earlier this semester?

10. Why does the Paw Print Cafe close between lunch and dinner?

11. Why are the keyboards in the CHSS computer lab always so sticky?

12. Where is the off-campus body farm?

13. Will the ice cream vending machines ever be in service?

14. Is there a way to limit the religious extremists from harassing us between classes?

15. Why do people not understand that you go up and down the stairs on the right?

16. Why do so many people walk around on FaceTime?

17. How does our football team manage to win nearly every game?

18. Could campus be any more photogenic?

19. Is the whole 'walking under the clock-tower' curse true?

20. Why don't we advertise our Fine Arts events as much as other events on campus?

21. Can we get extra credit for staying in the library until close every night?

22. Could we get free access to another computer lab? It's like a frenzy during lunch hours.

23. Where's the best place to take senior photos on campus?

24. Do the fast food services on campus take gift cards?

25. Could we get some upperclassmen on-campus housing?

26. Are there any haunted houses or hayrides around here?

27. Why did it take so long for Huntsville to get Uber?

What questions do you have for SHSU that didn't make the list?