27 Poems To Entertain Your Soul
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27 Poems To Entertain Your Soul

Some of my favorite slam poems I watch and rewatch!

27 Poems To Entertain Your Soul
Senior Airman George Goslin

It is often said that the pen is mightier than the sword, and there are few places where the pen is more potent than spoken word or slam poetry. Artists and writers often are able to express profound truths through stories, metaphors and, over the years, I've spent a fair amount of time watching (and re-watching) the best performances on the internet. Now, I present the most inspiring, and important, spoken word performances on the web. All in one place, for your viewing ease.

1. "Joey" by Neil Hilborn

This poem is hauntingly personal as it speaks on all kinds of issues, from art to mental illness to suicide awareness.

2. "To The Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter" by Jesse Parent

Jesse Parent puts a whole new spin on the classic "dad versus the suitor" tension in this hit poem.

3. "Somewhere in America" by the Los Angeles Brave New Voices Team

Three young poets perform their critique of schooling and education in America.

4. "Girl Code 101" by Blythe Baird

Blythe Baird uses the phrase "girl code" to frame sexism and its effect on even the youngest of women.

5. "The Type" by Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay is well known for her incredible poetic voice and long reaching, unique metaphors.

6. "Scars/To The New Boyfriend" by Rudy Francisco

Rudy Francisco pours out his heart in his post-breakup hit poem.

7. "Contingency Plan" by Omar Holmon

Omar Holmon brings a certain sense of humor to everything he performs, including this one where he describes his backup plan when he forgets his own work.

8. "Friend Zone" by Dylan Garity

In this entertaining work Dylan Garity addresses "the friend zone."

9. "Boyfriend Material" by Simone Stolzoff

Simone Stolzoff addresses what actually makes someone "boyfriend material."

10. "Boyfriend Interview" by Haley Mosley

In this poem Haley Mosley addresses relationships and pain while maintaining a humorous and entertaining appearance.

11. "To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang" by Rachel Rostad

A scalding review of racism in Harry Potter, written and performed by Rachel Rostad.

12. "Ten Responses To The Phrase 'Man Up'" by Guante

One of my favorite poems of all time! Guante addresses masculinity and society through a review of the phrase "man up."

13. "Fourteen Lines From Love Letters Or Suicide Notes" by Doc Luben

A thought-provoking poem by award-winning writer Doc Luben.

14. "OCD" by Neil Hilborn

Another viral poem by Neil Hilborn that speaks to the struggles of people with mental illness.

15. "Rape Poem To End All Rape Poems" by the Rutgers University Slam Poem Team

Justice Hehir, Lindsey Michelle Williams, Kate Thomas, and Lillie Hannon, college students from Rutgers University, perform a piece about rape poems and the trouble with their abundance.

16. "Text Me" by the Brave New Voices Los Angeles Team

A poem about the frustration behind technology and communication in the modern world.

17. "21" by Patrick Roche

A heartbreaking account of personal loss framed in a relatable way.

18. "Shrinking Women" by Lily Myers

A poem about growing up as a woman, and the effect the lessons that are learned have on woman as they age.

19. "The Madness Vase" by Andrea Gibson

A poem about depression, suicide and mental illness. Andrea Gibson performs frankly on the subject, and gives a hopeful message to her listeners.

20. "If I Was Your God" by Dave McAlinden

A humorous reflection on religion by Dave McAlinden.

21. "God Is Gay" by Elliot Darrow

22. "How To Cure A Feminist" by Kait Rokowski

A serious poem aimed at drawing attention to equality of the genders.

23. "Unsolicited Advice To Adolescent Girls With Crooked Teeth And Pink Hair" by Jeanann Verlee

Jeanann Verlee is known for her harsh words and intense meaning, and this poem certainly lives up to her reputation.

24. "Exodus 33:20" by Sierra DeMulder

A sassy performance about vaginas (for real).

25. "Static Electricity" by Neil Hilborn

A love poem written by a slam poem icon.

26. "40 Love Letters" by Jeanann Verlee

Another hit by Jeanann Verlee about her lovers, and the love that never left.

27. "Today Means Amen" by Seirra DeMulder

This last spoken word is the perfect dose of positivity to end the article with!

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