27 Life Lessons From a 27-Year-Old
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27 Life Lessons From a 27-Year-Old

Because people in their twenties are filled with wisdom too.

27 Life Lessons From a 27-Year-Old
The Power of Positive Thinking

Birthdays always seem to be a good time to sit and reflect on life...and to eat cake. As I close in on my twenties and endure constant reminders of "how young I am" or "how much I have left to learn, I can't help but be grateful for what I already have learned.

1. You have complete control over your life, no one else.

2. There is never a perfect moment, just do it.

3. There is no one size fits all, everyone is different and that's OK.

4. Life is too short. Remember that.

5. If you love someone tell them, they might not be here tomorrow.

6. Eat the donut.

7. You can always drink more water.

8. If something is bothering you, ask yourself if it will matter in 5 years.

9. Drink the expensive wine, wear the special lingerie. Don't wait, today is special.

10. Time heals all wounds.

11. Listen to listen, not to respond.

12. Make eye contact.

13. Show respect everyone who works for a living, from the janitor to the CEO.

14. Chivalry is not dead, use your manners.

15. You can change someone's day just by smiling at them.

16. See the world, it won't be here forever.

17. Don't expect life to be fair.

18. Take risks, especially the scary ones.

19. Find a balance between saving and experiencing.

20. Don't live life through a camera lens.

21. If you want something, prove it, work for it, earn it.

22. Give people a second chance, but not a third.

23. You learn more from failing than you do succeeding.

24. You don't have to justify every decision you make or ask for other's approval.

25. Do what scares you.

26. There is more to you than just your job.

27. Life goes on.

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