26 Times the English Language Has Given You A Headache

26 Times the English Language Has Given You A Headache

The optimism I had had had not affected the effects that this tricky language had on my brain.

It's no secret that the English language is confusing and pretty much impossible to learn if you're not a native speaker (I'm so impressed by anyone who can learn English as their second language and speak it well).I'm pretty sure that whoever came up with all these words that sound and are spelled similar, or all these rules that just simply don't make sense, just wanted to see people struggle.

1. Racket or racquet?

Can someone tell me which one is right?

2. Reckless or wreck-less?

If you're reckless, you won't be wreck-less.

3. Accept or except

They accept everything, except that.

4. Affect or effect?

The effects affected her.

5. Your or you're

You're going to your house?

6. To, two, too (and TUTU)

Here's a fun story: Before her first dance recital, the little girl went TO McDonald's and ate TWO TOO many French Fries in her TUTU.

7. The word abbreviation

The word that means a shortened version of a word, is 12 letters long, and has its own abbrev. What???

8. Their, they're, there

They're going to their house, which is over there.

9. Defiantly or definitely?

If I see one more post or tweet with defiantly or defanitely instead of definitely, I'm throwing my phone off a bridge.

10. What is a playwright?

It’s a person who WRITES plays, not a person who wrights plays. So who thought this spelling made sense?

11. Though, rough, bough, cough, through

So... what does -ough actually sound like?

12. Break and brake are pronounced the same, but leak and lake are pronounced differently.

This is the same for steak or stake, and beak or bake.

13. Lie, lay, laid, and lain: Let's get this straight, once and for all.

Here's how we're supposed to use the verb lie: He lies down on the bed. In past tense, he lay down on the bed. Or, he had lain down on the bed. Lie is an active verb meaning to recline oneself.

Now here's how we're supposed to use the word lay. He lays down the blanket. In the past tense, he laid down the blanket. Or, he had laid down the blanket. Lay is a passive verb meaning to set something down. Ya learn something new everyday.

14. It's rough, not ruff, but it's stuff, not stough

Also, it's tough, not tuff but it's bluff, not blough.

15. Lose or loose

Another common misspelling that I wish people would get right.

16. Bologna rhymes with phony or pony.

But cache and ache don't rhyme. Completely logical.

17. Groan vs. grown

She groaned because she had grown so tall.

18. Also, another thing about groan.

There's groan and loan, but then there's tone, bone, and phone instead of toan, boan, and phoan.

19. Farther and further are not synonyms.

She travelled farther than him. He explained the situation further.

20. Tear rhymes with tier, but it doesn't rhyme with tear.

21. Most contractions are actually really stupid and grammatically incorrect.

Don't you dare! — Do not you dare..?

Can’t you do this for me? — Can not you do this for me..?

22. Knight, know, and knife

Who decided that K's would be silent after N's?

23. It's rude, not rewd, but it's lewd, not lude.

The consistency of the English language is actually incredible.

24. Gage and gauge are pronounced the same, but gaze and gauze are pronounced differently.

Is it a guessing game to figure when to pronounce the "u"?

25. Flee and flea.

I hope the fleas will flee from my dog's fur.

26. "I before e except after c."

What about their, heir, heinous, feisty, sleigh, weird, and the multitude of other words that don't follow this rule?

There are so many more weird problems with the English language than just the few I've listed here, but I should probably stop before I give anyone a headache. Yay English!

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5 Things To Think About During Trans Week Of Visibility

You should always think of your trans friends, but especially during this week.


Trans week of visibility is March 25 through March 31, these are the five things you should keep in mind during those days (and at all times).

1. Using The Correct Pronouns Are Extremely Important


If you do not know which pronouns to use, just ask. When talking to a trans person do not assume their pronouns, hell- don't assume a cisgender persons pronouns it is always better to ask someones pronouns when you first start talking to them. Using the correct pronouns is a major step in accepting trans people and it makes us feel so much more accepted, loved, and respected. It isn't that hard to do, so just ask.

2. Dead Names Are Dead For A Reason


If you know a trans persons dead name, DO NOT SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. It is dead for a reason. When trans people change their name (or pronouns) it is to reflect how they truly feel on the inside and show it to the outside world. This is something that is personal and should not be shared with anyone. Deadnaming a trans person is violent. Once a trans person has told you "Hey, I go by this name now", use that new name. Embrace it, love it, accept it, move on.

3. Never Ask What Genitals Trans People Have Or Which Bathroom They Use


First off, this is none of your business and why do you want to know? This is very private information and unless you're a doctor performing surgery or a doctor treating a patient you do not need to know what genitals a person has. Nobody needs to know which bathroom a person uses. That's all I have to say about this. Just don't do either of these things.

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5. Love Us, Respect Us, Support Us


That's all we ask.

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