One day you are in your first day of college classes wishing and hoping that it flies by. You go through endless late nights of studying, pounds of coffee, and eat way too much processed food. You have emotional breakdowns and feelings of failure. You rethink your major and your life plan. You push yourself to complete a task you feel is really far away. But it flies by. Before you know it, you are entering your last semester of college and preparing yourself for the real world. You see the four years (or more) flash by before your eyes and see yourself walking across the stage to receive your diploma. Right before graduating and being pushed out the doors of college and into the real world, you have many thoughts running through your mind. Here are just 26 thoughts that many come across during this time.

  1. What am I going to do when I graduate?
  2. Should I get a dog after graduation?
  3. Of course, I should get a dog
  4. I better not fall while getting my diploma.
  5. When do I start applying for jobs?
  6. Where do I apply?
  7. What kind of dog am I getting?
  8. What is health insurance?
  9. Where do I get this so called health insurance?
  10. Oh my, I have to learn to cook real food…
  11. Can I still have Ramen every night?
  12. I’m actually going to graduate?
  13. What if I don’t graduate?
  14. Stop, you are graduating.
  15. I should probably buy professional clothing.
  16. What clothes are considered professional?
  17. OH MY I’ll be in the real world…
  18. Try not to panic
  19. Totally panicking
  20. Okay how about that dog though
  21. I’m naming him Max.
  22. OOOO can’t wait to live on my own.
  23. Where am I going to live?
  24. I will be living on my own….
  25. Panic attack starting 3.2.1...
The time has come that you can finally see all your hopes and dreams of graduating coming true. You may be thinking about the dog (or cat if you must) you will be getting or what it takes to do this whole growing up thing. You may over think everything a time or two or question if you will graduate. You may lose your mind a few times. Isn’t that the grand perk of college? Anyways, you got this. You will graduate, and you will be awesome. Remind yourself this once in awhile before you completely lose your mind. I’ll meet you on the stage graduation day in May. You can most likely catch me doing cartwheels as I finally graduate.