26 Thoughts UW Students Had During The Power Outage During Finals Week (As Told In SpongeBob GIFs)
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26 Thoughts UW Students Had During The Power Outage During Finals Week (As Told In SpongeBob GIFs)

Any other time would have been fine but this was just completely unnecessary.

26 Thoughts UW Students Had During The Power Outage During Finals Week (As Told In SpongeBob GIFs)

Remember when power outages were fun as a kid? You'd call your friends over and play around with flashlights. You'd build forts and play board games while rejoicing that school was cancelled. Those were the good ol' days. Every couple of years there's a gust of wind that passes through the Seattle area that seems a little stronger than usual. You never think think that it's strong enough to cause any damage, it's just annoying to walk through.

But lo and behold, the power flickers out and you are in the dark, tensed up, waiting for it to come back. But it doesn't come back. And you are stuck thinking...why of all times did it have to be finals week.

UW students have enough to worry about when finals week comes around. But a power outage lasting more than 12 hours that leaves the streets eerily pitch black and cold is just completely unnecessary. Here are some thoughts you probably had during the power outage on Sunday.

1. "Was that a flicker or did I just blink?"

2. "Bitch... Don't you dare..."

3. "The Hash Slinging Slasher better be involved in this or I'm going to be pissed."

4. "And I'm in darkness... great."

5. "This HAD to happen during finals week. No other time. Right F&$#%^@ NOW."

6. "Ugh, now I have to go out in the world and hunt for Wi-Fi. Among people."

7. "I look like a homeless sack of potatoes."

8. *Casually pretends to get over it*

9. "Good, no one here recognizes me. I can study in peace."

10. Hours later: "Is the power still out?"

11. More Hours Later: "Is the power STILL out?"

12. So much later that this writer quit Odyssey and they had to hire a new one: "STILL OUT? WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG!!!!"

13. "I probably should study with people. I don't want to get mugged in the darkness on the way home."

14. *gathering up motivation to study and write final essay at 1 a.m.*

15. "I finished my essay... Are you happy, professor? I MADE this with my tears."

16. "You don't have anything due tomorrow and you're freaking out about the power outage? Let me play you a sad song on the world's smallest violin."

17. "Can you stop trying to make your workload sound bigger than mine?"

18. *Meanwhile trying to cope with own stress*

19. "Is that Greek Row or the entrance into the netherworld? It isn't just darkness, this is advanced darkness."

20. "What did I just step in? Please be mud... or chocolate. Please be melted chocolate on the sidewalk and not something else... "



23. *trying to remember every self-defense move learned throughout life while going around every corner*

24. "I made it home without being mugged!!!"

25. "Hopefully no one breaks into my house when I'm asleep."

26. "If they do, I'll just pretend I know kara-tay. HAY-AH!!"

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